July 27

It's International Write on Dirty Cars Day! I've been waiting all month to do this. Make sure you leave a comment about what the best thing you've ever seen written on a dirty car...


Today we also bring up a sensitive subject. I don't want to be callous, but I think most of us realize that most of the fighting in the Middle East is over this issue. It's divisive, tearing apart families, making neighbors enemies, and leading to all sorts of chaos.

I am of course talking about Pirates vs. Ninja.

(or can there be both?)

(By the way, before I go any further, it's NINJA, not NINJAS. The plural of Ninja is Ninja. In this way, Ninja are much like moose.)

Anyway, I decided that once and for all we need to examine the issue, take stock really.

Since over on Monkey Barn we've declared it Lady Jane Scarlett Day, and since she's a pirate, I asked her to come up with the Top Ten Reasons Pirates are better than Ninja. She did me one better, and also came up with the Top Ten Pirates! (There will be a rebuttal tomorrow, but since it's her day, I didn't want to have to share.)

So, to make Lady Jane happy, go to Monkey Barn and leave nice comments about her, and then go read her TOP TEN REASONS PIRATES > NINJA, AND ALSO THE TOP TEN PIRATES EVER (EVER!)


And since we're examining the subject, I thought it would be a good time to re-run Carnivus's series The Great Hunt. Therein Carny has adventures with Pirates and Ninja. Where else can you find that? We'll run Part I today and Parts II and III next week.

Up Tomorrow: Another column where readers ask Tracy Lynn and me questions, plus the Top ten Reasons why Ninja>Pirates. Plus, possibly a huge surprise.

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