Lost Girls and Love Hotels

Today is July 05, which for some reason Tracy Lynn seems to think is International Don't Drink Pee Day. (For more explanation, check it out yourself.)

Weaking of Spich, I want to take a few minutes to talk about my International Day crew. Returning (for various reasons, mostly involving Court Orders and my propensity to hire the handicapped) are Tracy Lynn, Schrodinger's Kitten, Kapgar, Lady Jane Scarlett, Koz and Fitèna.

Brand new:
Mariemm3, who was asked to join despite her clear attempt to pass herself off as a Star Trek character (although, I have to admit I kind of wish I'd thought of adding numbers to my name). Visit Mariemm3's site, but do not under any circumstances make eye contact.

Ajax, long known to the Hyperion Nation as a Monkey Barn Moron, Ajax was asked specifically not to participate, but his wife called and begged me; explaining that her husband had been in the shower for 6 hours crying, so I relented. I'm such a softie. (Seriously: Ajax is the man, and I consider it an honor to have him around)

Wordnerd: Wordy-Nerdy (as I like to call her) is the sweetest girl, and I went to visit her once in Louisiana. As luck would have it she was having a garage sale, and there were quite a few Pizza Hut Delivery uniforms for sale. "Oh, you worked for Pizza Hut?" I asked. "No." Said Wordnerd. Since then I've kept my distance, but as my association with Tracy Lynn shows, possible homicidal tendencies are not a bar to working here; in fact, sometimes they help. Visit her site too.

Tiff (who burst on the scene with July 5th's International Razor Burn Day), who was asked to be a part of the team despite the fact that she regularly tries to kill people and once started a cult for Midgets and Cows. (Visit Tiff's site and feel free to leave a comment, but whatever you do don't join her cult.)

Make sure you visit International Day throughout the month and leave lots of comments about how you spent such great holidays. And know too that we mix up the group each month, so if you'd like to be a part next time be sure to let us know.


Last night I was privileged enough to go to Dennys, where I wrote many many thousands of things. At one point I corralled my favorite server Izzy into doing a top ten list with me. It turned out much worse, and much better than I could have hoped.

Go see Izzy's attempt to list her top ten favorite countries.


As I told you last week, Wednesday is short book-review day. (The reviews are short; not the books.)

Today's is short enough that I'll put it here:


I'll read any book that's good, that's at least interesting, no matter the genre. I got called on this a few years ago and reluctantly delved into the world of Chick-Lit. There is some surprisingly good stuff there. Lost Girls and Love Hotels is the first novel of Catherine Hanrahan, about a Canadian girl living in Tokyo, trying to lose herself, trying to find herself. Schrodinger is always pushing me to do one-sentence capsules, and if pressed I might say "Lost in Translation meets a very slutty Bridget Jones." But she's not in charge and I don't have to do that.

Lost Girls speaks authentically of Tokyo, wondering how on earth you can be so lonely in a sea of people, how sold out and conflicted you feel at being a girl in the modern world, demanding equality and opportunity, still shamefully wanting to hear his call, feel his touch, to care for him and have him take care of you. Obviously a girl somewhere between 18 and 40 likely will get the most out of Lost Girls, but I found myself strangely moved. After all, good is good. Best part; unlike most books, Catherine Hanrahan figures out her ending, and nails it in a poignant whiplash that had me gasping. Plus, I learned what nostalgia really means. That's worth it right there. (Recommended for the aforementioned lost girls out there, and any progressive person who enjoys an authentic "voice.")

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Also: Monkey Barn has a great Question of the Day and I bear my sole on Alligator Pit. Up Tomorrow: more top tens, movie reviews, and a Carny Story! Come back soon.


kapgar said...

I see how it is. I'm a nobody. No one cares. I just contribute to International _____ Day and get no credit for it whatsoever.

Guess my next one will reflect this fact somehow. As well as my desire to enact revenge.


Chelle said...

Such love. I will try not look anyone in the eye. ;)

tiff said...

The cult thing? Was supposed to be A SECRET!!!

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Kapgar, This is what happens when you reject the Barn. Good thing that you're not yet sleeping with the fishes, but then again...July 8th is not yet upon us. :D

Tracy Lynn said...

Yeah, Kapgar, it is never a good idea to turn one's back on the Barn. Do so at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

Too late, tiff, they're all in. And it's like the old roach motel commercials: they check in, but they don't check out. Mwah ha ha ha HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!