Our Man Red

Today is July 7, which is, um, like, International Um....Ya Know Day. Mariemm3 told me that she will send everyone a dollar who leaves a comment.

Saturday is Lady Jane Scarlett's International Michael Corleone Day, or as Alicia Silverstone might have put it, Issues much?

And Sunday I decided to do by declaring it International Cliché Day. So get out there and live your life one day at a time! (Especially that day.)


It's time for another Carnival of the Mundane. This time it's hosted by brand new friend to the Institute Tiff. I hosted the last Carnival, which was a lot of fun and well received. Tiff confided to me that she was nervous about following me.

"Nonsense!" I told her. "You shouldn't worry in the slightest. You'd have trouble no matter who you followed."

Just kidding. Tiff is great (no matter what color her hair is), and you should all check out her Carnival. My entry concerns A Drunken Dilemma. [UPDATE!!! Tiff made my entry the very first one. Based on that alone, you should go!!!! If I wasn't half-crippled I'd do a little dance. Oh well. I'm doing one anyway.]


Finally, the long-promised second Carnivus Kickassius story! Like last week's Vicious Jack, was commissioned by a reader, which means they get to pick what the story is about. I have been quite pressed with my own duties, but Carny was there to help me out. I hope you enjoy the story, and please give thought to becoming a patron of the Hyperion Institute and commissioning a story of your own.

Our Man Red

I’ve been involved in a lot of wars in my day. Some of them you’ve read about. Most of them you haven’t. The only thing you can say for certain about those wars that made history is that the books got them all wrong. As for the wars that never made the annals…that’s where the real interesting stuff took place.

When Hyperion asked me for another story, and gave me the particulars of the reader who commissioned the story, I was reminded of a war I had to privilege to be involved in a long time ago. This was one of those wars you’ll never hear about no matter how much history you pour over, which is too much the pity. There was one particular incident that will always stick out in my mind, what I like to call “Our Man Red.”

To read the rest of Carny's story, check out OUR MAN RED. To read other Carninvus Tales (and much more), see Literary Hype. Check out Monkey Barn for a Citizenship Test, and Alligator Pit for a different type of dilemma. See you Monday!

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