Punch a Cyborg

July 12 is International Punch a Cyborg Day. Basically Kapgar has made it possible for us to beat up annoying cell phone users. See the link to see how.



Questions continue to pour in for the Tracy Lynn/Hyperion joint project where we answer your questions. Some of the questions, how should I put it? Really really dumb. But dumb questions are no bar. Keep sending them in!

I have decided, as of this moment, my family is absolutely not allowed to read Alligator Pit. (Only one of them ever reads, so this is mostly mute, but just in case: you're all officially banned.) I make this announcement because of yesterday's post. In today's musings I talk about itchy beards.

And while I'm on the subject, if I'm going to keep the Alligator Pit I need a better name. Suggestions wanted.


Wednesday is book review day, and I was all set to review a new book when I realized that most of you weren't reading (or didn't read) my very first review. It's one of the best things I've ever written, not to mention an awesome book. Please take a few moments to discover The Rise of Charlie Drop.


Today's movie review is one of my very favorites, the kind of movie you just want to give a hug. I beg of you, read (and then watch), THE STATION AGENT.


Finally we look at the second best year of the 1990s, movie-wise: 1995. There were so many good movies I had to break it up into a top twenty list!

Here are the #20 - #11 Best Movies of 1995.

See you tomorrow!


Fatma said...

Hi Hype!!!
Pheww!!! Am back!
Listen, I lost my dats when motherboard and windowns werereinstalled and all. Would be grateful if you could fwd me my "days" if they haven't already been assigned that is. But I'd understand perfectly!


Daniel said...


i happened on your site, and i noticed you might follow cyborg issues. i'm from steve mann's group in toronto and we started a site for cyborg logging, or glogging:


you can upload pics and videos from your camera phone or digital camera, also compose panoramas and storyboards.