Respect the Dog

July 19 brings us perhaps the most unique holiday we've yet had in this parade: International Respect the Dog Day. You're going to want to go just for the pictures (and make sure you check out my comment when you do. Priceless).


Today's Top Ten list comes to us from a new member of the Hyperion Nation, Mariemm3 (who has a fantastic website you should visit). When I asked her if she wanted to do a list, she said, "What about?" I told her, "Whatever you're passionate about."

Mariemm3 chose to examine things she didn't understand (which I gues goes to show you she's a very very passionate person). Just kidding. It's a great list, and chances are you don't understand half of it, either. I know for certain the bikes and gym ones would be on my list. Anyway, go read


Have you ever been typing an IM message, and you write something that you think is funny, but the moment you press “send” you realize that it may be unfunny or even offensive to read, and you dive for that emoticon button before the other person can form the requisite intent of anger? Maybe that’s just me, but if not, is there a word for that momentary panic when you realize that all that’s standing between you and hurt feelings is a :0) ???

A short little commercial: Friday we will have our first "Ask Hyperion (and Tracy) column, where we answer questions. Should be great!

In The Alligator Pit, I continue to milk my 114 hours of silence by looking at ways I had to communicate without speech. And in Monkey Barn, I’ve gone crazy with short videos: Today it’s banned commercials. You’re gonna wanna watch! Plus, Schrodinger has a knock-knock joke and Lady Jane Scarlett takes up the call and continues the Tigger story!


Finally today, I redesigned the layout of HyperionX to make it easier to read the columns. For those of you not aware, HyperionX is a no-holds barred discussion forum, but now that I've gone to the web I'm not even sure why I bother with that disclaimer, since it's no worse than what mostof you talk about all the time.

But HyperionX can change lives. Let me give you an example. I knew a woman who once read every HyperionX column in one day. Then she found out her friends were going to read them too, and she immediately killed her friends to prevent that.

See? HyperionX makes people more compassionate! Isn't that what you need in your life? (Not you, Mom, or you Grandma, if you somehow figured out how to use the Internet)

For the rest of you, Go Visit HyperionX, and be forever Changed.

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