The Sound of Silence

July 20 is International Procrastination Day, which Ajax assures me he'll get around to telling you all about at some point. In the meantime he put up a pretty picture.



The Alligator Pit has changed its new URL. The new address will be

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You have until Tuesday to get your “Songs of Summer” in for our big Top Ten list. Wha songs do you simply HAVE to listen to during the summer? Let us know!

Also, next Tuesday we’ll be trying a brand new joint venture, as Schrodinger and I are independently writing a short story based off the same painting. Should be fun.


I have the Grendel Pictures I didn’t use in my review up, Dragon has some great recipes, we’re still looking for someone to take up the gauntlet and continue the Tigger story, and who is that sexy dancing man?


I thought the worst part about not talking would be missing out on conversations with people I cared about, and that was very hard. But it got trumped—so very Ace of Trumped—by the act of getting horribly sick.

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#396 The Sound of Silence

And come back tomorrow, when Tracy Lynn and Hyperion answer questions together! (Mine will be the right answers.)

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