The day after Christmas in July is always such a bring down, but luckily we're aided by the celebration of International Get Over Yourself Day. (I'd praise Wordnerd for coming up with it, but then I'd just have to bring her back down.) She does have some interesting strategies for telling that annoying coworker how unappreciated they are.

There was one Julistmas thing I couldn't put up yesterday, a game we like to play on Monkey Barn. I take pictures of celebrities and invert the colors and you have to guess who they are. Go try the Christmas version.

(Also, a wonderful French song called "Laisse Tomber Les Filles" about guy who kisses every girl he finds. The video is hilarious, but it will have you humming the song in your yead all day long, so be warned.)


In our feature presentation today.....

I have been struck for some time by this painting (author unknown):

I was determined to write a story about it. I thought it might be cool to get someone else to write a story independently, to see different points of view.

Tiff stepped up to the challenge, and came up with "Patient Faeance." I haven't even read her story yet!

I had several stories rolling around inside of me, but the one I finally came up with was a tad (just a tad!) racy, so I put it in Hyperion After Dark. Please read hers, and then come back and read mine too. I hope you enjoy "Unmade."

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