A Woman's Appeal


July 14 is International Un-Birthday Day. July 15 is International Do a Favor Day, and we round out the weekend with International Apathy Day. Since we've hit the middle of the month, go on over to the home page and let the good folk at International Day know you appreciate the hard work they are doing!


We've come to the Top Five movies of 1995. Not to sound peevish, but I've noticed the comments on Rank Everything really dropping lately. People, did you know that it took almost 12 hours just to get '95 ready? If that's not enough, I called GOLDENEYE the best Bond fil ever (Ever!) and Pierce Brosnan the best Bond ever (Ever!) and didn't get a single reaction! What's wrong with you losers? Now go take a look at the Top Five Movies of 1995, and let's see some comments!


I have all these great rants I wanted to show you, but yesterday I quit speaking, so they will have to wait.

However, also yesterday the conversation came up (via IM) on what makes a woman appealing. I fired off a few lines, and we knew we had a winner. I was just going to post them on Hyperion After Dark, but I realized they needed to be spoken instead. If you need something to jumpstart your morning (and you know you do), head on over and check out A Woman's Appeal.


Dudes, Monkey Barn is just blowing up right now. There are some insanely good posts that I can't even mention on the home page.

More than that, though: We've added two new Monkey Barn Morons: Tiff and Kapgar! (For a more detailed introduction, see this post, or just stare at their Monkey Barn publicity photo)

(as Jessica might say, Tiff and Kapgar are Monkeys of the Sea)

They will be welcome additions, and I already put them to work on the next Monkey Barn group project. You remember our Campfire Story? Well, we're doing it again, except this time each person only has five minutes (not a full day) to come up with their part of the story. Sort of a Hot Potato version. It was supposed to start today, but I got so excited I had to go ahead and post the first part of the Hot Potato story. (By the time you read this the second part will most likely be up, and check back through the weekend for more.)


Regarding the strange thing I wrote above, I explain on Alligator Pit why I am no longer talking.

That ought to hold you until Monday. Check back for updates throughout the weekend on the Hot Potato Story and My silence. See you Monday!

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