You Da _______________

Lady Jane Scarlett in her infinite wisdom has declared July 18 International Top Ten List Day. When I saw her day I got (sniff snif) something in my eye!

I did have a Top Ten list ready to go, but in respect to the honor LJS has bestowed upon me, I am giving you a whole month of top ten lists! July 2005, to be exact, which happened to be the first month we started doing lists. We did witches, movie trilogies, celebrities to fight, '80s shows they should remake, mysterious acronyms, Bon Jovi Songs, movie deaths, Disney songs, salad toppings and Bears, among others. I can't think of a better way for you to celebrate this holiday than to take a few minutes and peruse some Awesome Awesome Top Ten Lists.

And before I forget, I've been lax in intention to do a Best Summer Songs List. I will do one next week. You have until next Tuesday to send in all your favorite summer songs, songs that Summer just can't survive without.


In case you were wondering, I finally ceased my cessation of speaking. (How's that for a sentence!) I've been Chronicling my progress in The Alligator Pit, which you can check out if you wonder how it went.

But in honor of my return to the Vocal Chords, I thought I would record a Rant for you, on things I hate:

This rant is on the Internet Movie Data Base, Holding the Door Open, and thinking too much

this is an audio post - click to play

I got so geeked up at my Rant, that I had to do a second one. This one isn't a rant so much as a thoughtsful (well, for me) examinination of the words we use and what harm they might cause.

As some of these words are potentially offensive to some people, you actually have to travel to Hyperion Rants to listen to this one. (But trust me when I tell you it's well worth it. ) Stretch your ears for "You Da ______."

And see you tomorrow, if I'm still alive.

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