The Color of Sunshine

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I got a few queries about the new motto. It's from a song in a book series called "The Wheel of Time," by Robert Jordan. Here is the portion of the song that makes the book. (An Aes Sedai would be something like to a Wizard, with power not available to normal people.)

Give me your trust, said the Aes Sedai
On my shoulders I support the sky.
Trust me to know, and to do what is best,
And I will take care of the rest.

But trust is the color of a dark seed growing.

Trust is the color of a hearts blood flowing.

Trust is the color of a souls last breath.

Trust is the color of death.

Give me your trust, said the queen on her throne,
for I must bear the burden all alone
Trust me to lead, and to judge, and to rule,
And no man will think you a fool.

But trust is the sound of the grave-dog's bark.

Trust is the sound of betrayal in the dark.

Trust is the sound of a soul's last breath.

Trust is the sound of death.

-by Robert Jordan, from "Lord of Chaos," part of The Wheel of Time


Saturday I turn 11 years old, which may seem strange, but it's true. Since very few people visit the site on the weekends (although, I am trying to change that with my new "Weekend Institute"), and with Friday taken up by the ever-demanding Tracy Lynn, I thought I'd rerun the column that explains how I came to be Hyperion in the first place:


[The following list is taken from Rank Everything....]

Top Ten Songs with “Sunshine” in the Title

#10 Aquarius/Let the Sunshine In (The Fifth Dimension) – I’m not a big fan of this kind of music. Actually, I’ve never seen the value of the entire Hippie movement. These people derailed a war? Anyway, the song’s okay in that “Time Life Music” collection sort of way.

#9 Sunshine Lollypops (Lesley Gore) – I need to learn the lyrics, so I can annoy people with this, which, I’m convinced, is the chief reason for the song.

#8 You are the Sunshine of my Life (Stevie Wonder) – I listened to this quite a few times as I was compiling the list, and it's not as great as the reputation. I think it’s the arrangement. Still, Stevie makes any list he qualifies for.

For the rest of the list, please see......SunShine All the Time

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