Guess who's (sorta) back?

Well, I'm back, more or less. And, I have Tobias with me. We're both alive, and I use that term technically.

For me, it's been 11 exhausting days searching for the little guy (my former intern here at the Hyperion Institutes, in case you're new), and for him, it's been several months now of the most incredible adventures. (I think I rubbed off on him.)

I beg your forgiveness a few more days whilst I recover in body and spirit, and then I promise to tell you all about it.

In the meantime.....


While I was away I hit two fairly big milestones. First, I passed 60,000 hits. It's gratifying to know so much work isn't getting done out there because of me. Makes it a little dusty in here.

I also hit my 400th column. I actually had planned on a special edition for #400, but then Tracy Lynn whined and complained and talked me into an Ask H.A.T. last Friday, and that was #400. (I should have held out for a picture of that so-called "bodacious rack," but live and don't learn, I guess.) So, the special edition will be #411, which will give you the 4-1-1 about me. (Everything you've ever wanted to know, but were afraid to ask).

Those of you who have sites of your own, I plan to catch up when I can, but be patient with me. I not only have all that, but I returned to find over 800 (that's not a typo) email messages. I still have hundreds of those to go through as well. If you wrote me and I haven't returned your email, either give it time, or write me again if it's urgent, and mark URGENT! in the subject line.

I have been catching up a bit on our very own Monkey Barn, which includes two (so far) very very very hilarious posts on the scary world of dating from Sea Hag:

Love is a Battlefield Part 2


I also came across Wordnerd's list of TV shows she has watched, and in spite of myself did the same list over on Alligator Pit (TV Shows Hyperion has watched OR "Why Hyperion has accomplished nothing to date, and it looks like things won't change anytime soon")

[I say "in spite of myself" because Wordnerd erroneously calls her list a "meme." I'm not singling her out, but bloggers have completely ruined the wonderful concept of "meme" by attaching it to this most pedestrian (and incorrect!) of uses: a list. GRRRRRRRRRR. When I get settled and catch up on some sleep, I will be addressing this but for now, just go laugh at the shows the two of us watch.]


Finally today: while I was out chasing my tail, the last of the Best Films of the 1990s went up. This was a huge accomplishment (often 10-12 hours on each year), and not something I'm likely to try again. However, before we put it to bed completely, I thought we should take one more look at the ten best movies from each year (with the years ranked in order too).

Now, if I can just avoid tackling this decade.....

#10 1990 - Perhaps the year I'm least familiar with, but still easily the weakest. Part of me wishes I'd kept on doing quotes from the movies, but I'm only one man.

#9 1992 - A very strange year, where the Best Picture winner was overrated, and most of the films I'd reward didn't get much attention. Oh well.

#8 1991 - Looking back, the top five of 1991 are just killer. If I had to do it over again, I might rank this year higher

#7 1996 Part 2 - An astonishingly good year, especially at the top. I look at '96 and I think this year should be ranked higher too. (I might feel that way from here on in, which may explain why the years went the way they did.) I still maintain R+J should have gotten honored somehow, and you simply must see Emily Watson in BREAKING THE WAVES.

#6 1999 Part 2 - I was just about ready to say I had 1999 ranked too highly, and then I looked at the top five. Ye gods the '90s had some good films.

#5 1998 Part 2 -
Just a solid year for movies. I'm curious if anyone out there is brave enough to watch BUTCHER BOY.

#4 1997 Part 2 - Ah, the year of the Indie films. (And I think there was one about a boat?)

#3 1994 Part 2 Part 3 -
Perhaps the best 1-2 punch of the decade (perhaps).

#2 1995 Part 2 Part 3 -
I had to move up to 20 for this stellar year. (It was warranted)

and the number one year for movies of the 1990s......

#1 1993 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4
- I moved up to 30 for the best year of the 1990s, and boy was it a powerhouse. Someday (if I ever get masochistic), we'll rank the top ten years in movie history. 1993 would be close to number one of all time, if it isn't for sure. What a year. You could give yourself a big movie education just by watching all the films in this year alone.

Up Tomorrow: If I get my act together, some commentary on recent items in the news. If I'm still exhausted, I have some movie reviews. Oh, and if I can, another edition of "Oh Those Summer Nights," since last week's was a HUGGGGGGGE hit. See you Thursday.

Up Friday: Ask H.A.T.

Up Saturday: Get a life, you weasels

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