Somewhere in B Concourse......

Hello Friends.

I was hoping to be back today. I worked ahead for last week so I could take a sabbatical and rest, and ended up instead chasing Tobias the River Midget (the Hyperion Institute's sometimes intern) all over hell and half of Georgia. You will be happy to know that I have Tobias in hand. Whether he lives or not depends on how quiet he is these next few hours.

Unfortunately, we are sitting in the Hartsfield Airport, hoping to get standby seats to SeaTac, and from there who knows where. So, you'll have to forgive me another day or two. I have so much to tell you, not only of the trip, but my thoughts on the world, which has apparently blown up in my absence.

In the meantime, I have been borrowing a kind gentlemen's laptop next to me, and reading what the Monkey Barn (and other places) has been up two while I was away. All of it is good, but I wanted to single out Ajax, who has written some wonderfully thought-provoking pieces on the Israel/Lebanon war. (I will have thoughts on that and other noisemakers as soon as I get back and get a decent night's sleep.)

I'm not saying you'll agree with everything he says (I don't, but that's a good thing, because if we agreed on everything, one of us would not be necessary) but his thoughts are well-reasoned and articulate, and worth the time:

Part I (When is War Justified?)

Part II (the International Community as High School)

Part III (Tel Aviv Hold 'Em)

I also have big plans for the Painting/Storytelling you've seen on this site, first with the Monkey Barn Campfire Story, and then a couple of weeks ago with the Hyperion After Dark story. I'll tell you about some of it when I get back.

In the meantime, one of my acolytes left the nest while I was out foraging for food. Tiff found a picture and asked anyone who wanted in to write a 500 word story on what it meant.

Here is the picture:

Here are the responses she got.

Hope that tides you over until tomorrow, when hopefully I'll be back in Canada, and we can resume our regularly scheduled programming.


Anonymous said...

You came to Atlanta and didn't let me know? I thought we were friends?

Skittles said...

You came to the ATL and didn't say anything to me?!? Where is the love?!?

Tracy Lynn said...

He is a bad bad man, my friends. I thought you knew that.

Rick said...

I don't remember anyone asking me if you could land at SeaTac. I think an interin is about to be fired.

tiff said...

acolyte, schmacolyte. I own that idea now, Mr.


Good news about Tobias.

Dragon said...

I wonder when his Hypeness will come grace my door step. Sigh, a girl can dream.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

I commiserate with you Dragon. I've been waiting for Lord Mullett to return from his days of piracy, looting, and hanging out at "real bagel" shoppes.
:D ljs

tiff said...

Hmm, I can't help but notice that hte linky thing goes to not the real entries page but to the original call for contributions. to fix this?