The Monkey Barn Interviews continue, with a look at Schrödinger. You're gonna want to catch this.


Everyone's been asking about Sea Hag, with the sensation she's been making on Monkey Barn with her "Love is a Battlefield" series. Did you know today is her birthday? See how I met her with a blast from the past: #310 Adventures with Sea Hag.


I admit, the last two days have been strained. My heart has not been in posting, and I scrapped (or postponed) all my scheduled events. Yesterday I got by on stuff I had in reserve (for days when I didn't have it). Today.....I succumbed to the inner turmoil that's been eating me and channeled it into a ball of rage. The result was four minutes of fury, complete terror, that produced a HyperionX column. (I literally closed my eyes to not see the screen and banged on the keyboard like it was a blood enemy.)

I realized when I was done there was no way I could read over and edit what I'd written. If my bubble of rage pricked I'd lose the nerve to post. I did let someone read it, and aside from telling me the column has no flow (something I readily admit, and I consider unavoidable when you write 1700 words in four minutes), it wasn't too inflammatory.

Actually, I know it is, but you know what? That's what HyperionX was invented for. So, if you're smart at all you'll stay far far away from this column. Only bad things can come from reading it. But if you are too dumb to take my advice, to EVON's sake: don't leave a stupid comment. Wait a few days, or write gossipy emails to each other about how I'm losing it. The mood I'm in today: I'll eviscerate any stupid comments like Sherman marching to the sea.

Anyway, you've been warned: For those of you so inclined,

HyperionX961: Whitewash

See you tomorrow, when Ask Hat returns, and hopefully, some normalcy around here

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