Crouching Tigress Hidden Accent

Today's Quote is also the new motto:

But he did not understand the price. Mortals never do. They see only the prize. Their heart's desire, their dream....but the price of getting what you want is getting what you once wanted.

The words are spoken by Dream in the Sandman Comics (by Neil Gaiman). I'm not going to insult you by breaking down what it means, but contemplate it for a minute and see if a secondary and tertiary meaning don't pop up.


Today is September 06, better known the world over as International Nose Pickers Day. (And I for one am thankful that Gimme Five Day was yesterday.)

Today's International Day is by Rick, of He's new to International Day, and I want each and every one of you to leave him a comment welcoming him to the team. (This means YOU!) I've been enjoying Rick's material for some time now and thought he'd be a great addition. (He has a day coming up later this month that made me choke I was laughing so hard.)


Speaking of making your voice heard, drop an email to and leave Tracy and me a question. We're here for you. (And cartoons.)


A year ago today I posted the Best Desserts Ever (EVER!), starting with Frozen, and then the next day, Non-Frozen. Go take a look: maybe you'll learn something.


Before I forget, I have another addition to my Evil Kitties of the Realm (or S.K.I.T.T.L.E.s)

It's Tiff, of NO ACCENT YET. I like Tiff's style and sensibilities as a writer. Her prose can be elevated like a special party, but never pretentious or exclusionary. There's a sensuality to her stories, but also a hard nosed pragmatism. And sometimes--if you're lucky--just a touch of despair. Is that a good thing? Absolutely, if you're looking for something real, and who isn't in this world?

Tiff has been with International Day for awhile, and became a Monkey Barn member in July. We even did a story project together by simultaneously writing two completely different takes on the same painting.

I wholeheartedly recommend you get over to No Accent Yet as often as possible. (Even if it is a lie: she DOES have an accent!)

And I'm proud to make Tiff the newest Evil Kitty of the Realm. Code Name: Tigress.


Finally today, I wanted to tell you that The Alligator Pit and Hyperion Rants have been bought out in a Hostile Takeover.

Both sites are now under the Umbrella of The Soapbox. I don't have all the kinks worked out yet, but I've been meaning to do this for a week, and I figured I might as well put it up and fix it as I go.

Construction will continue but in the meantime, enjoy

And see you tomorrow.


tiff said...

I'm a SKITTLE. There are no words but these: Thanks, Hyperion!

(runs off to go call her mom, who might not understand but would love to hear about it anyhow)

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Welcome to the lair Tiff. Meeeeow!

kapgar said...

I'm Mungo? Is this a fat joke?

JK ;-)