Fight the power

Today is September 4, Labor Day in America and Labour Day in Canada. In honor of that, Lost Goddess has also declared it International Fight The Power Day.

Since her version of fighting the Power involves not working whatsoever, I'm going to put everything I had planned today on hold. Catch up on the Weekend stuff, or there is plenty going on over on Monkey Barn, including the World's Funniest Music Video, and a rousing rendition of "Who Wrote the Book?" (Sample: Who wrote the book "Solitude"? I. Malone. Who wrote the book "The Over-Population of Hawaii"? I'll let you figure that out.)

Finally, in honor of Steve Irwin's death, I'll leave the Alligator Pit up one more day for your perusal. But that's it. Tomorrow it's gone. Just like him.

See ya then.

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