Jump in the IJFJ bandwagon (while you still can)

"For a double grief came upon them, and a groaning for the remembrance of things past. "

-Solomon Ibn Gabirol

I hope you're all enjoying September 10, International Remembrance Day.

Speaking of which, I had a column all prepared on what I was doing, my experiences and thoughts on September 11, 2001. I even posted it. Then I realized nobody cares. I mean, I do think what happned to me is interesting, but September 11 isn't about me. I do have relevant political and social commentary ready to go as well, but that can wait until later in the week.

So, suddenly left hanging, I turned to my Evil Kitties of the Realm. 'Bout time they contributed something around here.

I picked out a memorable recent post from each of their sites. Take a few moments to look them over and discover what great writers they are.

Calico is part of the 2996 Project, which seeks to have a different blogger write about each of the 9/11 victims. Her tribute is well worth the time.

Meanwhile, Fluffy has pinned her dating hopes on Convicts. (Luckily there will be no "rainbow surprises" this time around)

Birman wonders do age differences matter in relationships? I know I (and Dakota Fanning) eagerly await her answer.

Most of Angel's recipes lately involve Seafood, but she did manage to sneak in a Frozen Chocolate Rapberry Torte. The picture alone makes the journey worthwhile.

Patch would like rude Auotombile Drivers to go Fu....well, I don't want to give away the ending.

Speaking of rude, Tigress is being pressured to Convert....to leather recliners, that is.

While poor Mungo is battling vicious Squirrels....and losing.

Finally, while the NFL season officially started Thursday night, the bulk of the games get underway today. I posted my lineup, as well as that of my learned (and league favorite) opponent, so that if you're so inclined you can follow along today with the stats and find out just how much I suck.

Tomorrow's going to be a little different. Come back and see if I can pull it off. (And don't take what you see at face value. Dig a little deeper, ne?)

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