Mungo and Saffron

"The Fight just isn't worth it sometimes."


Speaking of Rennratt, which has declared September 07 International "Whatever" Day. Boy do I wish I could take that tactic, but we soldier on, because there's an Institute to run.

(By the way: Rennratt is new to International Day. Her home page (also called Rennratt) is more fun than a Rocking Chair Gaunlet for Cats. Check it out.


Speaking of Rennratt, I finally got around to watching the Season Premiere of House and the Series premiere of Standoff (the show that comes after House, at least for now.) More more of my thoughts on these those, please check out my House-Standoff post on The Soapbox.


Speaking of the Soapbox, The NFL season starts tonight, which means I need to come up with a name for my team. Currently I'm going with "Iranian Jews for Jebus," but I could (obviously) use some help. Kickoff is 8:30 (edt), which means my final team name must be in the books by then. If you have a better idea, I am all ears, and (AND), if I use your idea I will give you massive credit here on this site.

For more analysis of my team name, past years' team names, and what other teams in the league are calling their teams, please check out my Fantasy Football entry on The Soapbox.


Speaking of Iranian Jews for Jebus, I have one more addition to the Evil Kitties of the Realm. My friends, I'd like to introduce Kapgar (of Kapgar). Kapgar is a member of International Day and Monkey Barn, and took part in last week's Rashomon story. But even if he were none of those things, I read his site daily, and you should too. It's funny, thoughtful, witty, and sometimes even comes with cheese. Make KAPGAR part of your daily routine and please welcome our latest S.K.I.T.T.L.E. Kapgar. Code Name: Mungo.


Speaking of Evil Kitties, yesterday as I was looking for a picture of a Tigress (for Tiff's ascension), I ran across this great site by an artist who calls himself Caliban. One of his pictures inspired me to write a short little story.

Because the picture (of a female tiger, or tigress) shows the tiger's breast, and because some of you get really threatened by female sexuality, I am putting the story over on Hyperion after Dark. I do not think the picture would get you in trouble at work, but there you go.

So, if you're brave, enjoy Saffron.

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