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Today is September 5, which Lady Jane Scarlett has cleverly declared International Gimme Five Day. Head on over and leave a "high-fiving" comment of your own, eh?

Speaking of Lady Jane Scarlett, I am way overdue to add to my list of Evil Kitties of the Realm, my S.K.I.T.T.L.E.S [Sexy Kitty Interational Termination Team (Lesbianism Encouraged)]

My Evil Kitty list may appear to just be an ordinary Blog Roll, but it's so much more. There are many sites I visit daily, but if you make Evil Kitty, it means I endorse everything you say, do, stand for, don't stand for. It means I'd bail you out of jail, bear your children, help you hide a body. These people are in with Hyperion, and they should be in with you.

With that preface, I am pleased to announce that that Hyperion Institute for Advanced Callimastian/Callipygian/Kickassian Studies (our official name) declares Lady Jane Scarlett an Evil Kitty of the Realm. Code Name: Patch.

Visit Lady Jane Scarlett often, but be afraid.

Yesterday the History Channel began broadcasting Deadwood, without any edits! (YAY!) As I wrote in my review of Deadwood back in November, 2005, Deadwood's first two seasons are arguably the best of any show. Ever. (EVER!) At the very least they enter the conversation. Many of you don't have HBO, but most of you have the History Channel. Take my advice and check out the History Channel (or the History Channel Canada) for when the encores are this week and get into one of the coolest chapters in the American West, and one of the coolest chapters of American Television.


The Monkey Barn Interviews continue, this time with Sea Hag.

And speaking of Monkey Barn, we started a new game Guessing Great Movie Quotes. See how you do.


I meant to do this earlier, but it's a great day-after-Labor-Day list too, if only to remind us of what we've lost.


Honorable Mention: Theme from "A Summer Place" - Summer isn't really in the title, but I love this Henry Mancini work, and wanted to honor it somehow.

#10 The Boys of Summer (Don Henley) - I loathe Don Henly, but even I have to admit his song belongs on this list.

#9 Summer in the City (Lovin' Spoonful) - I've always wondered: "lovin' spoonful" of what?

#8 Summer of '69 (Bryan Adams) - If the list were actual Summer Songs, I'd take his Robin Hood Theme over this.

Fore More see "Summer" Songs over on Rank Everything.

See you tomorrow!


Skittles said...

Congrats LJS!!!

'Jax said...

Season 3 just wrapped up on the fancy cable channels. Damn these 10 episode seasons; so good, but so short. Kinda like Tobias now that I think about it...

Deadwood: steal the DVDs if you have to, so long as you watch it.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Heyyyy, how would 'Jax know about the little bundle of goodness that is Tobias??
Thanks Domie, now that I've got a source of bail, I really can go all out on piracy!