Time to Drink the Kool Aid

"I am a collage of unaccounted for brush strokes. I am all random."

-Ouisa Kitteredge (from "Six Degrees of Separation")

Today is September 17, International "Drink yer Kool Aid" Day. (One can only hope Wordnerd was not a Jim Jones fan.)

I begin my Week 2 Fantasy Football struggles, with a titanic bout against "The Tale of How." Read here for more details.

It has become painfully obvious that--apart from my die-hards, and not even all of them, no one is visiting on the weekends. Thus, I am holding back the three movie reviews and leaving you with a picture. (If you somehow missed it, the best thing I wrote all week can be found over at Hyperion After Dark.)

See you tomorrow.


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

That picture is groove-a-licious!

rennratt said...

Duuuude! I want you to drink the Kool Aid, not Wordnerd!