Wonder Years

"Disce quasi semper victurus vive quasi cras moriturus."

"Learn as if always going to live; live as if tomorrow going to die."


A very merry September 12 to you, also known as International Curmudgeon Day. You know you want to be a Curmedgeon: go find out how!


Speaking of bad moods, care to guess how I did in Fantasy Football this weekend? Soapbox has the grisly results.


Speaking of Grisly results, in case you're interested, Weekend Institute was busy. Saturday I revealed 10 Little known facts about Hyperion.

Sunday I took down my post on my 9/11 memories at the last minute, instead opting to go with great posts from all the Evil Kitties of the Realm, as well as previewing my Fantasy Football team. (As you have already seen: lotta good that did.)

Finally, Monday I tried something special. Across all of my sites I ran the same picture, with that the only post visible on the site. It's just a small thing, but that's what I felt like doing. System wide I ran that quote above (which I have now translated for those uninclined to learn Latin or translate it themselves.)


LUCKY NUMBER SLEVIN comes out today on video. Please please please don't be one of those people who goes to Blockbuster mindlessly determined to get the latest new release and enamored by all the big names. (Morgan Freeman, Bruce Willis, Josh Hartnet, Lucy Liu, et al.) SLEVIN is a TERRIBLE film. Don't believe me? Read the review I wrote earlier this year.

If you must watch a crime film with twists and turns, take heart! I'm working on a big column full of the best movies like that. In the meantime, last year I talked about three little-known heist films that should slake your thirst for the time being.

Or, you could watch one of last year's best films: WALK THE LINE. I mention this because today is the third anniversary of Johnny Cash's death. Rest in Peace, Cashman.


I watched the Pilot episode of The Wonder Years yesterday. This prompted me to share a few thoughts about Kevin and Winnie over on the Soapbox. Also, it reminded me that last year I did a top ten list for TV Pilots. I was curious to see if The Wonder Years made the cut, so I pulled the list out of the vault to see What TV Pilots Hyperion judged Best.

Oh, and if you're not too squeamish, I looked into where Winnie Cooper is now. Monkey Barn has the (sexy) results.

I'm saving todays' planned material until tomorrow. See you then!

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