Affectation is a greater enemy to the face than smallpox

English Proverb

So, yesterday I told you I'd have a top ten list of Martin Scorsese films for you. I had the rough draft done, but needed to edit it some, maybe move around a couple, work on an intro and add pictures. I was very pleased with myself, though, that I had the rough draft done.

I logged on tonight in my window to see that somehow it's already posted.

So, uh, this leaves me with nothing.

Bear in mind, this is my own fault. My notes were not clear and such, but still very frustrating. I feel like I have lost control of my own stuff. It's always written in a frantic manner, with no editing whatsoever, and the really good stuff is locked on my laptop. (For example, since coming to Camp Outlaw I've been writing a Monkey Barn Halloween story that takes place at a camp much like this, but who knows if I will ever get it to you.)

I've received a few notes that go something along the lines of "Gee, for a guy who's on the run, you're sure writing quite a bit."

But it doesn't feel that way. It all feels like shit, and not even very good shit. The numbers are the same from all the days when I was unable to get to a computer. This means that whether or not I write anything, the same number of people show up. My people, and I love you, but that's it.

And it's very depressing.

I shouldn't be complaining. Many people have it much worse off than I, and I myself have been in plenty of worse situations. But my frustration level grows hourly, and nothing good can come from that. I honestly feel that my limited hour each night might be better spent on catching up on TV I've missed (which you can now watch full episodes), than trying to capture brilliant thoughts and give them to you. At least the NBC way someone is getting something out of it.

I am going to take the weekend, and try to write something that is legitimately decent, but so you have something for you today....

With limited time I have been unable to visit anyone's website, but I got the bright idea to save some pages to be viewed offline. I did this for Schrodinger, one of my Evil Kitties, and found she had some great great material.

If you don't visit her often, now is the time.

In Worlds Collide Schro writes a funny short tale of strange juxtaposition. (Although, I say when Hawking and Eminem do a project together, then I'll be impressed.)

She also writes about finding a new ice cream flavor, based on Zach Braff's recommendation. Good stuff, although you can't help but fear that her honesty might cost her down the road in her own soon-to-be-wildly-successful movie career.

Many of you have wondered where the ASK HAT has gone, and you'll be happy to know that Tracy Lynn has carried it on with guest authors for the last two weeks.

First, Tracy and Tiff got together to argue about...whatever it is Redheads do when they get together.

Then last week Tracy and Schrodinger got roaring drunk. You can imagine the results.

As for me, I have nothing remotely interesting to add or say, so I'm just going to get out of here. Still open on the Oz/Bride thing, if you are interested. Also, if you want an email when I do post something new, write and tell me at Or just write me a note. Kaida says no naked pictures, but she didn't say anything about scantily clad. (Loophole)

See you Monday

1:48 am
October 13, 2006

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