Day 11

Hey-Ho, Friendly Hyperion Nation. I have so much to tell you and so little time. The latest update on my exile is below, but before that, a little housecleaning.

I finally got a computer with Internet access for a few minutes, and saw my sites were in bad repair. Those last few weeks before I left I was so damn busy I rarely had a moment to spare, and did not keep up with how things looked. That's on me, but for realz, people, like it would kill you to tell me if the evil cursed mother f*****g Internet Explorer is showing a [Endif!] break on one of my posts?

Sorry, it's been an incredibly long day. I'm not trying to hate, but it's frustrating when no one tells you your shit is fucked up. (And I don't usually swear this casually, so you know it's been a tough one.) I refuse to use IE anymore except to fix stuff, and my time on the Internet is so limited I really should let it go, but I gotz me some pride, dammit!

Anyway, I spent about an hour cleaning up, the result of which:

All current movie reviews are on the Table of Contents of Movie-Hype. (I actually have written about 12 more since the exile, but they are all on the laptop, and I cannot find a computer with a 3.5 disk drive, so for the moment those reviews and other things remain locked, but look to get a ton of reviews soon. In the meantime, there are hundreds of reviews to choose from. Go edumcate yourself on movies you should be seeing.

Hyperion Chronicles is up to date. (I think, knock on vinyl siding.) Please let me know it if isn't. You can catch up on all the latest Ask Hats or stories or whatever. Anything that didn't seem like a column went in the Soapbox, if you are looking for TV show reviews or something.

As for this homepage, you will notice I took all the BTE posts (Before the Exile) off. They are still around if you want them: over on the left hand side about half way down all the posts back to July are available. They will stay up there until I get permanent Internet again.

Speaking of which, I should have somewhat reliable Internet for a few days, so look for more posts here. Sadly all the stuff I have been working on is momentarily unavailable, but I shall solve that problem too.

Okay, in my few remaining minutes, let me give you a quick update:

The Exile: Day 11
Crossing the border has thus far proved completely impossible. I 'preciate all the "helpful" suggestions, but you seemed to miss the point: it is not legalities that are of concern: it is men with guns who want to kill me. (Quick aside that I don't have time for, but hey: it's not Hyperion without a parenthetical. I saw this comedian making fun of people who try to ride out hurricanes in Floriday (pre-Katrina). One dude lashed himself to a tree, saying he was in good enough shape. Said the comedian....
"Let me explain something to you....It is not How the wind is is What the wind is blowing. You get hit by a Volvo, it ain't gonna matter how many sit ups you did that morning."
Why do I mention this. I forgot already. Oh yeah: It is not the crossing that is of concern, it is the men I have crossed. But thanks anyway.)

Anywho, I hung with Beau Grecco for a few more days. The guy turned out to be hella fascinating, and when I get time I am going to tell you all about him. It turns out Beau has been to Storm Lake, Iowa too. You may recall I wrote about this awhile back. (I don't have time to look it up, but if memory serves it was somwhere in the #303-#307 region. The title is in Latin. Someone be a pal and go the Chronicles and look it up and leave the URL in the comments, eh? It's a great story, yo.)

Beau commiserated with my plight and ended up dropping me at this camp where various "outlaws" hang out and avoid Johnny Law. (Or Major MapleLeaf, the Canadian equivalent.) These people are truly insane, but...they have a computer, which I am on now. Being the new guy I do not get much access to it, but I should be able to post fairly frequently, at least for a few days, until I take off and try to find a new way to America.

Yesterday was Canadian Thanksgiving, and I learned the coolest thing imaginable. I was going to write it all up for you, but then I got distracted messing with my site, and now I am being motioned that my time is up. An outlaw who calls himself "The Coyote" wants to send out a poem or some shit. I promise to try and get that out later today. In the meantime I am checking email at least once a day, so send me a line at the regular address or the new

Stay cool and keep watching her thighs....I mean the skies.


October 10, 2006

4:15 am


lost goddess said...

Ha hah aha ha You are so fuckin crazy!!! .....Until we meet again.

tiff said...

Whoa, it's Hyp in living color! Woot!

Thanks for giving the barn a kick in the pants. We're sort of slumping without you around. Bear is a rather lassiaz-faire overlord.

rennratt said...

We're still here.

Oh, and head to New Brunswick and go through Calais, Maine.

Last summer, a guy crossed while carrying a homemade sword and a blood soaked chainsaw. (He had murdered his neighbors. (Google 'Gregory Despres' for further proof).

If HE could get through without a second glance, so can you.