I am man enough to admit when I have miscalculated.

Friday I started a 30 day reintroduction of my novel as it currently stands before pulling it off the site to edit, rewrite and possibly submit for publication. I had this idea that those who read before would want to again while new people would get on board.

This was not what happened.

Over the weekend a total of 15 hits on Literary hype by 4 people.....and not one of them Koz.

Even I can get that message.

So, I am canceling the Fagin Dupree November marathon.

In fact, I'm going to quit posting for a time. Maybe the audience is bored with me, and maybe it's simply that since I got up here to this Outlaw Camp my work has been substandard, to say the least, but nothing seems to affect the numbers one way or another. Whether I post or not, I get the same number of people every day, and they clearly aren't interested in most of what I do.

I'm not complaining or whining (like I normally do). This is on me, and I clearly need to raise my game.

I will return when and if I have something interesting to say.

And now back to the joy that is: Outlaw Camp.


Anonymous said...

Hey, at least I visit the other sites.

tiff said...

Damn - I was actually looking FORWARD to the continued adventures of Fagin!

Grumble grumble.