Old Lang Syne

I meant to have a big end of the year "what does it all mean" column, but honestly, probably not the best idea. This year has been in many ways unspeakable, and to attempt description from the place I'm in now....I can't have you all depressed.

It has gotten so bad (including plumbing problems following us across the country, and I swear it's an evil plot, but hey: maybe it's me), that last night when the CSR at zappos.com was kind to me I almost bawled, and today when I got a birthday pair of Groucho Marx glasses in the mail I did cry. What is the world coming to.

My housing situation is messing up again, and we have to move out of the place we are in on the 31st (Hyperion's birthday). Currently looking for a place to spend New Year's. If you'd like a Hypey with your family, contact me and let's work it out.

The short of it is, I may not be back on email for a few days, which means not only my now cancelled end of the year thingy, but I wrote another sultry story for New Year's. Was going to post Sunday, but can't have you missing out.

This story was inspired by a dream I had, and may be the best one yet. I hope you enjoy. (I also hope to get back and post again before Sunday, but if not, I'll see you next year.)

Old Lang Syne


Tracy Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, H.

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Happy Birthday Hypey! :D

tiff said...

Happy birthday, big guy! Many happy returns of the day (whatever that means).

XO from NC - TIff

Chelle said...

Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!

Biff Spiffy said...


That is all.