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the following was written Monday night, but unable to be sent out:
I write this, already gone from the Outlaw Camp. It's strange: the place was in no way sustaining to the things I enjoyed; the internet was almost impossible to snag, phone service barely worked, no tv, and I had to drive in a car if I wanted to go to the bathroom. Yet, for all that, it started to feel like home. Go figure.

The last week there was beyond chaotic, as it became a reality that I really would be trying once again to cross the border. I ended up helping people move out (not only I loeft; the whole camp had to empty out, which is a story in itself, but one that will have to wait), and the price of moving stuff out of cabins when A) I really and truly shouldn't have been walking, and the lifting and walking on snow was just murder and B)as many of you know, my back is already gimpier than a guy living in the trunk in your basement, so the result was almost complete immobility and major pain-management issues this last weekend, when ironically I finally had almost unfettered internet access one last time. (If I seem rambling and incoherent, I apologize, but my head is swimming with pain meds, and I may mention things more than once more than once. If so, please forgive.)

The plan had been to work all weekend here in the safehouse by the border setting up most of the rest of the month with columns and other interesting tidbits in case I couldn't get back on but of course it all got away from me so all I can say is that I hope to see you when I cross over. I have set up a few items the next few days to autopost so that hopefully you will remember me.

Talk to you soon

December 04, 2006
9:09 pm


I'm still without computer (which is kind of like posting from the grave....spooky!), but I set this up ahead of time.

Actually, it wasn't much work since I stole it from last year, but 65% of you are new, and 89% of who's left has terrible memories, so odds are it's new to you!

From December, 2005.....


#5 A Garfield Christmas - Just goofy enough to work. Highlights include several of the songs, and "Grandma," especially when she talks about how all they used to have were "wood-burning cats." What the heck are those?

#4 Claymation Christmas - This is one of my family's all-time favorites. The two dinosaur hosts talk about Christmas carols and their meanings. Well, one of them does. Herb mostly tries to find food. The announcers are also on the search for the meaning of Here we come a WASSAILING....The California Raisins end the show, but the funniest songs are actually We Three Kings (where the Wise Men are super-serious and the Camels all jazzy on the chorus), and Carol of the Bells, in which a bell choir features bells hitting themselves on the correct note. I can't explain it here, but it's hilarious.

#3 How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Just watched this yesterday to refresh; it really is lovely. Boris Karloff adds a great touch with his voice, and I love Max the dog. One question, though, what on earth are those Whos saying at the beginning of their song?

#2 Blackadder's Christmas Carol - Not very well known on this side of the pond, but those who do cherish it. My brother got it for me one year, and it's a hard-core family tradition. Blackadder, for those who don't know, is played by the incomparable Rowan Atkinson, in several specials down throughout history. He's usually a moron. In this version Blackadder is the nicest man in all of England, and the Ghost (played by Hagrid), shows him how all his ancestors were rotten, and if only Blackadder were rotten, his descendents would rule the world. The humor is very British, but I still don't see how anyone wouldn't laugh themselves sick.

#1 A Charlie Brown Christmas - I'm a recent convert to the magic of Charlie Brown. I was never that into it, but last year I got this book at the library; releasing all the old material with commentary and whatnot. Seeing the evolution of Charlie Brown made me appreciate the genius a little more. I never found Charlie Brown that funny, but I came to understand it's not supposed to be. It's the melancholy aspects to his character that make it so brilliant. When I rewatched the special the other day I realized how amazing this Christmas special was. (And for me to rank it ahead of Blackadder is saying something). I love the dance scene (Especially this one random kid in the middle who just jukes his head from side to side while dancing in place. Look for him.) I am blown away by Charlie's sadness as he searches for reason to find meaning in such a crassly commercial holiday (something I can relate to). I like at the end when they all are "oohing" Hark the Herald Angels, and their mouths all make the "OOOO" shape. Actually, the music might be the best part. The dance song number is classic, and the kind of sad one (Christmas Time is Here) is one of the best Christmas songs ever. It makes me so sad to listen to it, but in a good way. So, there you go.

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tiff said...

So, of the 5 I've not seen three. Must correct this oversight at once!

I like the Charlie Brown Special, but have to work hard to ignore the out-of-tune voices. I'm such a music prig!