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Many things to get to today, so we'll jump right in.

You'll notice a few changes to the home page. The Archives have now been moved to the top left. Here is the last two week's worth of posts, in case you're too stupid to know which way is left.

All the links are now over on the right. If you're new here, those aren't recommendations: they are all my sites. As Sparky Duck once said, "You could spend hours at the Institute, and that's just for one week!"

Speaking of Recommendations, I do have them: I call them Evil Kitties of the Realm, or my S.K.I.T.T.L.E.s (Sexy Kitty International Termination Team; Lesbianism Encouraged) I have two new Evil Kitties to add to the Realm:

First off is 'Chelle, of "A Take on the World." 'Chelle is also a member of Monkey Barn, and is made an Evil Kitty despite her continued use of the offensive "M" word (something I expect her to rectify, and soon). 'Chelle also has a poetry site, and I find her musings...somehow calming.

How that fits with her Kitty is beyond me, but I give you 'Chelle: Code Name - Ragdoll

The second Evil Kitty is an old friend. Not only that, she's just old. At least 1300 years, although God help you get a straight answer out of her. The other thing about her that is absolutely true is that Sea Hag is actually a Sea Hag. Don't believe me? Read the first column I ever wrote about her.

Sea Hag is an original member of Monkey Barn, and started the runaway popular series Love is a Battlefield. She also started a website while I was away, which took me some time to get to know, but once I did, wow!

I'm proud to introduce our second new SKITTLE: Sea Hag: Code Name - Korat

You too can be an Evil Kitty of the Realm. Write to ask how!


In case you're interested, I wrote about all the TV I saw over the weekend, and my thoughts.


The last thing I wanted to do today is get your reaction to something.

As you know, my situation has been less than stellar, and continues to get worse. Because of health problems "regular" jobs are difficult to get, but for some reason I can still write. I probably should quit the site altogether and just concentrate fully on getting my stories, novel and screenplay published.

But I really do love doing this. (All appearances to the contrary.)

However, I simply must make some money doing this to continue justifying the time commitment.

Before I go any further, take a look over at the top right. Go ahead: I'll wait.

You see all those sites? I created them. I'm not saying I didn't have help (especially technically), but they are all my ideas, and the only reason there aren't twice as many is because there aren't four of me. Other than Monkey Barn and International Day virtually 100% of the content was/is created by me. Take a look at the Chronicles some time, which was what the Hyperion Institute consisted of before the website. There are over 400 of them. Do you know how long it would take you to catch up? Or how many Movie Reviews, Rankings, short stories, and other meaty goodness there are here?

Not trying to be all conceited, but seriously: I challenge you to find any one person who is producing this much material. Add to that the fact that for the last 6 months I've had to scramble just to get to a computer, and it's pretty remarkable. Most of it's good stuff, some of it's great, and every once in a while I'll take your breath away.

Here is what I'm thinking of doing:

Hyperion Institute Premium

The regular website would still be here, as would most of the archives, but I would spend a considerable percentage of my writing time working on more full-bodied work for subscribers. I'm talking about things like my next year-long story (already in the works), intense short stories (including Hyperion After Dark), more Hyperion X (yes, I got the emails from those who missed it), and thought-provoking columns on a more cerebral level, which I currently avoid to reach the biggest audience possible.

What if Hyperion Institute Premium offered 75 postings a year; the real good stuff, edited, re-edited; nothing under pressure, no fat, just meat. What if we offered this for a reasonable subscription price (I'm currently thinking around $35/year), which gave you access to the best and brightest I am capable of.

I want to know how many people would be interested. If this is economically feasible, I'm going to do it. Now more than ever is NOT the time to read silently. Leave a comment or just email me at and let me know what you think.

The Gold Standard could be just ahead.


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

Do you offer grad student rates? I'd subscribe.

lost goddess said...

OK here goes .... I would gladly pay up to $50.00 a yr, Well worth it For the material you had which first brought me to this place. But let us be honest,love you haven't been putting out the kind of well placed insight since the Denny's situation changed. I love your work but the stuff these days just lack the Hyperion we all fear and love. I will send you a more constructive criticism when time allows. in an always ~T

Dragon said...

Count me in. Where do we sign up?

Sparky Duck said...

do a monthly thing and im in, which of course is silly since $3 a month sounds so cheap in comparison to $35 at once.

Hyperion said...

Lady Jane Scarlett - Maybe not Grad Rates per se, but perhaps I could let you work some of it off in trade....

Dragon - Cool

Sparky Duck - The problem with monthly is that at present my Paypal account would take a huge chunk of $3, making it not financially viable. However, while the total amount taken from $30 is obviously more than $3 because of the percentage they take, there is also a transaction fee that is the same for all transactions below $100. So yearly is the only way it would work, unless you have a better way.

Lost Goddess - This slayed me. I haven't stopped thinking about it since I heard. I can't really disagree with you; with a few exceptions (The Ghorral, the 300 review, three columns toward the end of the year), I think my writing has suffered too witbhout a sactuary to craft words. To be the Hyperion Readers fear and love again...I would give much.