Winnie Cooper Hall of Fame

A few more things left over from yesterday. I'm putting off some of the discussion until later in the week, but I had to finish up before returning to the Movie Marathon. By the way, if you didn't see it, check out yesterday's post for instructions on how to enter the NCAA pool. Deadline is Wednesday at Midnight


Speaking of the Tournament Pool, I had an interesting conversation with someone yesterday about one particular way to pick your teams. Of course, I just had to record the conversation on Soap Box.


My review of 300 (the nature of which I'm going to talk about hopefully later this week) left no room to talk about any of the peripheries I usually expound on, like the Trailers. But I took notes I didn't want to waste, so over on Monkey Barn I wrote about my thoughts on the Trailers.


Do you ever sit around with friends and say something like, "Whatever happened to ____? She was so insanely hot in X, but then just disappeared..."

Well, maybe it's just me, because I think about these things quite often. So much so, I decided to do a top five list of actresses/singers who were so smoking and then just...poof.

Obviously I was going to call it the Winnie Cooper Hall of Fame.


Winnie Cooper doesn't really belong on the list. As I most emphatically proved in a Monkey Barn post last September, Danica McKellar is still alive and quite kicking. And, according to her IMDB Page, she's been working pretty steadily since The Wonder Years, just not in anything as iconic as Winnie Cooper.

Anyway, since I thought she deserved to be the list's namesake, I'm still calling it that, for now.

Random Note: As I was doing research for this list, I looked up the chick Mercedes from LICENSE TO DRIVE, since she was super hot and I hadn't seen her since. To my absolute shock I found out the girl was...actually, I can't even say it. See for yourself, if you must. Me, I feel the need to shower.


#5 Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke) - Without her, there might never be ultra-tiny denim shorts or hopes that this year the family reunion would produce some real lookers. Catherine isn't even the hottest member of her family (her sister was a Bond girl and married Ringo Starr), but she'll always be my favorite.

Wanna see the rest of the list? Head over to Rank Everything's WINNIE COOPER HALL OF FAME

See you tomorrow!

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