[I know I promised something sexy today, but what I had in mind got delayed due to computer-access problems. But to keep my word I pulled out this list from last year. Enjoy.....]


#50 Clay Aiken - How can he still be single?

#49 Carrot Top - Have you seen his muscles? Scary

#48 Blossom - Koz insisted she make the list

#47 Erik the Red - I can't find his picture but apparently he'll do ads

#46 Mark McGwire - He'll always be a hero to me

#45 Chucky - I bet he gets all the toddlers

#44 Danny Bonaduce - I get him and David Cassidy confused

#43 David Caruso - I loathe Horatio Caine, so this is only an NYPD Blue shout out

#42 Charlotte Rae - Do you think she liked Blair best? Me too.

#41 Strawberry Shortcake - I think she looks delicious

#40 Tiffany - I wish we were alone now

#39 Reba McEntire - For about a decade or so she just got better with age.

#38 Sarah Bernhardt - There was a time she was the most famous person on earth.

#37 Red Grange - Best football player who ever lived. Look into it.

#36 Rick Astley - Still the best British Pop I ever heard. Take that, Oasis!

#35 Bette Midler - Did you know she and Krusty the Clown owned a horse? Krudler!

#34 Mario Batali - Would go much higher....except for the seafood

#33 Lizzie Borden - Proof Positive that PMS isn't made up

#32 Lindsay Lohan - Remember before she went on crack and was all hot?

#31 Little Orphan Annie - I got your "hard knock life" right here.

#30 Kathie Lee Gifford - Ten bucks says she's in Playboy by end of '07.

#29 Geri Halliwell - Was she Ginger Spice? I just got that!

#28 Geena Davis - I like her best in "The Long Kiss Goodnight"

#27 Groundskeeper Willie - Willie hears ya. Willie don't care.

#26 Bill Walton - Best passing big man ever, and simultaneously the most knowledgeable and most annoying basketball announcer of all time.

#25 Laura Prepon - She was lucky to have Forman.

#24 Archie Andrews - Two hot chicks fighting over him. We should be so lucky.

#23 Eric Stoltz - Prank Caller! Prank Caller!

#22 Bonnie Raitt - Love that white hair!

#21 Melissa Gilbert - She's on the right

#20 Queen Elizabeth I - And you thought your school pictures were a bitch

#19 Ariel - Love those sea shells. I wonder what she'd be like in bed.....

#18 Isla Fisher - The best part of Wedding Crashers. Why can't I find a psycho girl to settle down with?

#17 April O'Neil - A Ninja Turtle's best friend

#16 Nicole Kidman - Knocked down 6 spaces for Bewitched

#15 Alicia Witt - I have no idea why I love this girl...I just do

#14 Lauren Ambrose - you'd be weird if you grew up in a mortuary too.

#13 Conan O'Brien - I heard he robbed a bank - "in the year two-thousaaaaaaand!"

#12 Lucrezia Borgia - Now that's a school picture!

#11 Charlemagne - I'm related to him. Okay, most of North America is, but still....

#10 Ann-Margaret - The hottest Flintstone guest character ever

#9 Raquel Welch - Makes me want to travel back in 1 Million B.C.!

#8 Woody Allen - He had torrid affairs with women, then made movies about it and put those women in the movies. This is my dream.

#7 Bette Davis - If she were alive today she'd have already scalped Julia Roberts as a pretender, and eaten Catherine Zeta Jones for lunch - and that's post stroke!

#6 Lolita Davidovich - I just like saying her name. Come on; say it with me: Lo-Lee-Ta Da-Vi-Do-Vich. Now say it real fast.

#5 Marcia Cross - Bree rules!

#4 Alyson Hannigan - Between Willow and the band geek, I'm in love

#3 Rita Hayworth - I originally thought she'd have to be #1, but the questionable origins of her hair color knock her down just a tad. Too bad she's not around, or I'd check to find out for sure.

#2 Katharine Hepburn - Not only is she easily the best Hepburn ever, but she was a feminist before it was cool, and a good kind of feminist too, not one of those dateless wonders.

And the number #1 Redhead of all time.....

#1 Maureen O'Hara - You need go no further than "The Quiet Man." That says it all, baby.

[After this list was completed I realized that I left a few off, which went on this supplemental list. If you want to see what Comments people left on this original list, go here.]

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