Tomatoes and Cukes

It's a brand new week, and you know what that means: More International Days to enjoy!

Today is International Share a Secret Day. I dare you to leave a secret in the comments, even anonymously. (But if you do it here, you have to leave it over there too.)

Tuesday is International Old School Day. (Back before we rolled that way, we kicked it.)

Wednesday is International Eyebrow Grooming Awareness Day. (If you have a friend or co-worker who needs to be told, now's your chance.)

Thursday is International Pirates vs. Ninja Day. (Yours truly came up with this on. Make sure you get in on the hot debate!)

Friday is International DeLurk Day. (And no, this is not an Addams Family thing.)

Saturday is International Unleash the Child in You Day. (And no, this is not about forced labor, thanks for asking.)

Sunday is International Burt and Loni Day. (I tell ya: I'm still in shock those two kids didn't make it.)

Finally, next Monday we follow the April adage of "in like a lamb, out like a lamb in heat" with International Unleash Your Passion Day. You know what I'm talkin' 'bout!

(By the way, in case you're new, International Day is a website set up to make every day a holiday. How cool is that?)


"I want tomatoes and cukes to be vegetables! That whole world
is going crazy!"

Today's motto comes from my mother. She's old school, with an old school mentality of what a vegetable is.

That's fine and all, but different people might view fruits and vegetables differently than my mother. Her definition is "if it's sweet, it's a fruit, if it's savory, it's a vegetable." Even this definition doesn't always work. Luckily science has seen fit to help us out here, by coming up with an actual definition.

It comes down to this: with only one exception (and points if you can figure out which), a fruit has the "seeds" on the inside, a vegetable does not.

So, avocado, squash, cucumber, tomato, and many others: actually fruits.

Get over it.

WEIRD FACT OF THE DAY: In doing research for this, I found out that a tomato and a cucumber cannot be placed next to each other in market in Muslim countries, because they are considered of different genders. How strange is that?

ONE MORE THING ABOUT CUCUMBERS: If you ever get the chance, try a lemon cucumber. Unbelievably awesome.


If you haven't tried Monkey Barn in a while, try now. Why? Half-naked David Hasselhoff: THAT'S WHY!


I finally got my PayPal issues straightened out, for all of who have been trying ever so desperately to donate money to the cause. Our long national nightmare is finally over. It's been since October now since I have tried to switch accounts, but with little luck. I'm not laying all the blame at Paypal's feet, but their website is not the most user-friendly. (Then again, I'm not your average user.)

Anyway, yesterday I finally got some help from "Holly" and "Megan" (not sure if there was an "h" in her name, but it didn't sound like it.) They helped me terminate my Canada account and get the American one properly set up. This is important because sooner or later Hyperion Premium is going to start, and I know you all want to jump on board.

The reason I mention all this is because when I asked for an employee # (so I could tell management they both deserved raises for actually helping me), Holly gave me her "Agent Number," but I thought she said, "Secret Agent Number." It totally cracked me up thinking about PayPal service reps running around in trench coats and such.

Anyway, you may now donate at will!


The Movie Matters column seemed to go over well. Not a lot of comments but some emails, and that's good, so we're going to do it again Thursday or Friday. And, since I'm the magnanimous type, I've decided to answer ANY MOVIE QUESTION YOU HAVE, not just the "in-movie" questions I would prefer. Up at the top left of this page you'll find the Movie Maters button. Click on it and send me an email question about movies.

And even though it's like pulling teeth from you people, I'm giving you one more chance to leave comments. Up at the top right you'll see our directory of various categories. If you're new, take some time to peruse: it'll keep you busy for months.

However, my taglines for each site are a bit stale. So, I'm giving you the readers a chance to help out. In the comments, tell me what tagline you think I should use for each site, and I'll pick the best ones.

See ya tomorrow. (BTW, this week is absolutely loaded, so not only do you want to visit often, but bring friends and hot chicks too.)

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