Brother, Can You Spare a Slogan

The hills are alive, with the sounds of International Days! (Ah ah ah ah....)

Today is May 7, better known as International Geosmin Day. I know, I know; that's just a tad bit pansy, but day's creator Biff Spiffy assures me he's just tapping into his feminine side. Head on over to Spiffy Town and see if he's gone all the way over.

May 8 is International Test Drive Day. Tobias begged and begged to be a part of the site this month, and I relented, but I refuse to plug his website. (Great day, though.)

Wednesday Lady Jane is back on her obsession with all things Paul with Interntional Celebrity Smackdown Day. You'll definitely want to weigh in on that.

May 10 has 'Chelle bringing us International Belay Day. I'm not even going to try to explain, but you may go "Awwwwwww."

Friday May 11 is International Stop Hating on a Genre Day, brought to us by Xerxes. This is actually a really cool idea, and I call on Xerxes to stop hating on the genre of "People who steal Xerxes's women."

For all those Barbecues you're planning on having Dragon says to make Saturday International Kiss the Cook Day. (I want credit for not making the standard "I've got something for you to eat...right here" joke. C'mon, give me credit!)

Sunday Sparky Duck rounds us out with International Hug a Panda Day. (Save your oohs and awws until you see what else he wants to do to to make that panda happy.)

And those are your International Days for the week.


I need help coming up with new slogans for my subsidiary sites (which are listed at the top right). Take a look at what my current Slogans are, and see if you can help a Hypey out. Leave any suggestions in the Comments, and if I use it I'll Credit you and blow you kisses.


- Not just a website, a way of life.

The Hyperion Chronicles
- The Encyclopedia Hyperionica

The Soapbox
- I bitch, you listen (Got It?)

- The world of film

Rank Everything
- Unlimited Top Ten Lists

Hyperion X

Literary Hype
- Short stories and novellas, book reviews and Music Lyric analysis.

Hyperion After Dark
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Empire of the Mind
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Monkey Barn
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International Day
- Finally: holidays where you don't have to deal with drunken relatives

1 comment:

Biff Spiffy said...

Gosh, there are so many and they go seamlessly with the site titles... There, enough freakin' sunshine up the ol' Hyperskirt, let's see what there might be:

Home page: More words than you can shake a river midget at

HC: Posts of Biblical proportions

Soapbox: I may be unelectable, but I'm right, dammit

MH: I know what the director SHOULD have shown you

RE: I like lists

HX: Not for pussies

LH: Words, and words about words

(I like the rest as are)
(in other words, I'm tapped)