Coming Down the Back Stretch....

Today is sure special. Why? 'Cuz it's International Make Out In An Elevator Day, that's why. (I bet you wished you worked in a taller town.) Head over to find out Dragon's rules on how to do this, and then check out Dragon's Kitchen, full of wonderfully awesome recipes. (Except the seafood, becuase seafood is evil.)

May 5 is International Banjo Appreciation Day. I fully expect to crash Blogger with all the Comments apprecaiting the mighty banjo. (I'd introduce the author, but the less said about him the better.)

The week wraps up Sunday with International "Honey, where's my blank" Day. Sparky Duck has a unique take on how to celebrate the fact that we lose almost everything. The Ol' Sparkster is relatively new to the Institute and we are excited to have him on board over at Int. Day. Check out his home site Philly Transplant for some well supervised wackiness.

And those are you International Days for the week.


So the Kentucky Derby is tomorrow, and we here at the Institute wanted to do something to celebrate. Monkey Barn jumped in (well, some of them), coming up with their own horses and horse names for the first ever Monkey Barn Derby. Go see who's entered and vote on who you want to win.

Don't want to skip the big race, so we asked everyone to pick the actual winners. You can get in on this too (there are prizes!), by picking your favorites from among the 20 entries.

And to do my part I pulled out a Rank Everything list from last year where I listed the best Racing Horse names I could come up with. See you Monday!


This all came from a Question of the Night I asked a couple of years ago up in Canada at a Colorado's restaurant. The question pertained to what would you name your Kentucky Derby racing horse. By far the best answer was "Tits McGee." Thus inspired, I set out to do my own list:


#15 Mr. Buffalo – This would make more sense if you read the column, but tell me it wouldn’t make a great name for a race horse.

#14 Dominion Over Everything Totally Sweet – this is what Ninjas have, and I just think it would rock

#13 If I had twin horses, I’d call them “Rock and Roll All Night” & “Party Ev Er Eee Day”

#12 Tobias the River Midget – This would be a great name if he was one of those smaller overachieving horses with a heart of gold, like Seabiscuit, or Julia Roberts. Just kidding (she's not small)

#11 Swagina – If only to make some old blueblood broad blush (say that five times fast)

#10 Monkey Barn – Who wouldn’t support a horse called Monkey Barn? No one, that’s who!

#9 Pocket Full O' Ghandi - In honor of Schrodinger

#8 That’s a Paddlin! – You have to have at least one Simpsons reference. Is there a better one?

(this is actually Hyperion the race horse. Pretty sweet, huh?)

#7 When Doves Cry – My understanding (and with Prince, it’s always tenuous) is that doves cry when something is so beautiful. Well, what if my horse was that great?

#6 Sofa King Studly – I’ll let you figure it out

#5 Chicken Biscuit – When I lived in Georgia, whenever Koz or Bear and I would bet, we would be a Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit. If I were going to bet on a horse, this would be a good omen.

#4 Carnivus Kickassius – The greatest friend the Institute ever had, and would be a kick ass racing name

#3 Lord of Chaos – This will only make sense to Robert Jordan fans, but would make a great horse name.

#2 Adashar - This was the bad guy in one of Carny's stories. I've loved the word ever since, so much so that I put it in my movie

and the number one name I would use if I had a horse in the Kentucky Derby

1. Jedi Money – This name is so good, it makes me want to get rich just to buy a horse. I bet he’d win even if I was riding him!


Lady Jane Scarlett said...

You the blues world, biscuit has an entirely different meaning.

I'd name a horse "ball and biscuit", to honor the awesome Jack White and to encourage everyone to have a bit of fun every now and again.

Sparky Duck said...

Thanks for the shout out. And doves cry works for me