Epic Poem

My plan had been to look at various pop singers, mocking their lack on self confidence (evident in their "so-called" empowerment songs). However, last night I got into one of these conversations with Kaida where I kept saying the wrong thing. Have you ever done this? You get off on the wrong foot, and after that no matter what you say trying to salvage the conversation there's no turning it around. You might as well take the conversation out behind the barn and shoot it.

So to atone for these series of blunders I endeavored to write an epic poem about her. However, all I could get was...

"So gather 'round children, You know I won't lie t'ya
It's a story of danger, and a princess named Kaida"

Then writer's block hit.


Finally, I realized that with the Third installment of PIRATES coming Friday, I could get away with a few more comics from my soon-to-be-award-winning web-comic Pirates Doing Shakespeare.

So far not many of you are clicking over and looking at the comic. I can only surmise this is because you're idiots. I mean, people: IT'S PIRATES DOING SHAKESPEARE!

Well, not quite yet, I guess. I can't find an artist to draw my vision. But still, what we got going is pretty sweet. Below is a panel from today's strip which will hopefully "get you in the mood:

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Unknown said...

You call that an Epic Poem?!? You've been promising me an epic poem since day one.


BTW, I like your pirate web comic.

Skittles said...

as of the end of this comment - I am not speaking to you again.