Musical Hybrids (Part 2)

Following up from Yesterday, we have the Top Ten Musical Hybrid Acts I'm looking forward to seeing:

See #11-20

#10 Black Eyed Crows - Hey Baby, let me light your candles so they will turn into lumps of wax. My lovely Waxy Lumps.

#9 Motorloaf - I have no idea what they would sing, but I bet that bat gets outta Hell quick with a V-8 engine.

#8 Bobby Darin Duran - We're hungry like a wolf, but luckily Mac the Knife is nearby.

#7 Barry Whitesnake - Ain't gonna be nooo pussy left for the roadies, I tells ya.

#6 Backstreet Boyz II Men - I've heard one of these groups can actually sing, but I can't remember which.

#5 New Kids on the Block Sabbath - The only trouble brewing I can see is that it's 3 to 1 that Ozzy bites Joey's head off before the tour ends, but how can this be anything but a good thing?

#4 Jay-Z/DC - We're on the highway to Hell (so put yo' damn hands up)

#3 R Kelly Clarkson [Note: we regret to inform you that the joke Hyperion originally wrote has been removed because it was so filthy Redd Foxx came back to life just to have a heart-attack. Sorry for the inconvenience.]

#2 Hilary Duff Leppard - We've heard Duff's music described as sugary, but the spotted boys seem to like it that way. (Let's just hope she makes it through tour without too many Love Bites.)

and the number one music hybrid I'd like to see is....

#1 Celine Deyonce - Oh, you'd fuck her, but one of the two of you would have to die right after to avoid pillow talk. (And on that note, let's everybody sing a rousing chorus of "My Booty Will Go On!")

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Sparky Duck said...

yes Kelly Clarkson and R Kelly had me with some wicked wicked pictures in my head.

And gotta show some philly love for Boyz 2 Men

Lady Jane Scarlett said...

That is some crazy goodness Hypey! You rock!