Pirates Doing Shakespeare

Sunday my sister went to the Georgia Renaissance Festival and brought me back this 4 foot stuffed wizard she won in a game. (Or says she won. I'm suspicious that she might have just bought him, but I'm still happy.)

I have searched all week for a picture of the dude online, only to strike out repeatedly. This wizard here is 8 inches tall. Imagine one six times that big, and much cooler looking. (My wizard has his head bowed and hands clasped in silent contemplation of magic.)

I guess my quest to show you my wizard goes on. By the way, he told me his "common" name was Pythagorus. I'm not allowed to tell you his magical name unless you're magical too.


For the longest time I have wanted to do a webcomic. The problem is I can't draw. I had a partner in crime for a project, and I wrote up the first month's worth of scripts only to have him fall away and not come through with the drawings.

Then a year or so ago I got the bright idea to do a comic where there wouldn't need to be new pictures each day. Inspired by Dinosaur Comics my plan was to have six panels drawn really well and then change the dialogue each day, allowing guests to write the dialogue some days, etc.

But I'm still looking for an artist. Meanwhile, Kaida told me to just start the project up, and I could always make it better later. I realized she was right. I found some clip art and put together my first strip. Kaida helped with getting it to look right, and well, hey, it's a beginning.

If you'd like be a part of making my original drawings get in touch with me and maybe we can work together. For the rest of you, an idea so good you wonder why nobody thought of it yet. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, River Midgets and Trolls, and Whenches of all kinds.

I give you:

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