The Storms of May

{Today's post is brought to you by Rhianna and Diane Lane, which is simultaneously both the most brilliant and obscure joke I've come up with in months...}

I have a confession to make: while I brought International Day back in April, the truth is we have been using last year's days. I figured:

A) Most of you smoke so much Chronic that you can't remember that far back


B) Many of you are new (although just because you're new don't think you're NOT a dope fiend, because you totally probably are)


C) They are still holidays, right? I mean, that's the whole thing with holidays: they happen every year, so I feel totally justified.

However, with the very new month of May we have all new 100% never before seen International Holidays. You can't beat that without a redheaded stepchild.

Allow me to introduce a few of the new members, as well as hip you to the first three days.

Long-time favorite Lady Jane Scarlett (of Lady Jane Scarlett's Den) brings us May 1 - International Yoko Ono Day. I recommend this day to anyone who's not currently in a band. (And when you're done, check out her site. She redesigned it just for all the International Day Traffic I promised her, and if you've never heard a pirate bitch and moan you're a lucky sonovaduck, so help a Hypey out, okay?)

Tomorrow is May 2 - International Wear Your Slippers to Work Day. Note: if you're a welfare fiend (also a sizable percentage of our audience), this day does not apply to you, and I say that with the big smile of a man who hasn't earned a paycheck in 5 years. When you leave a comment (and if you do I will send you a lollypop), tell us what kind of slippers you wore to work, and then head on over to A Take on the World, written by 'Chelle, who also came up with the day.

Thursday not only brings us C.S.I. but also May 3 - International Photocopy Your Face Day. Xerxes gives detailed instructions on how to make this day a success. On his own details, however, Xerxes is less forthcoming, refusing to share his home website, because, as he puts it, "Your readers couldn't meet the dress code to even stand on the street looking in my site's windows, let alone get table inside." After prodding, however, Xerxes did say you could find out about his earlier work.

Enjoy these first few International Days (with more to come) and please leave some comments; my peeps worked hard!


We finish off today with another steamy story over on Hyperion After Dark. This one was sent in by a Reader who wishes to remaind Anonymous. I will say this: the story is so good that I not only printed it on Hyperion After Dark, but I made it column #400, a spot I have been saving since July of last year for "that special little column I'd know it when I saw it."

Well, this is it.

If you're a work, make sure you're alone (you DO NOT want anyone reading this over your shoulder, unless you're looking to blush for a year). If you're at home send the kids down the street to play with the local drug dealer, and curl up with....

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