I dream of June-y

(June Lake)

Happy June to everyone. (In honor of the month, today's posts is filled with "Junes".)

I became quite ill last Tuesday (and have yet to recover), the result of which meant that last week's big morality push got curtailed, but maybe that's just as well.

It also meant that I did not get to thank everyone who participated in May's International Days (which you can see all of here).

(June Lockhart, pictured left)

Neither did I get to properly usher in this month's International Days, an oversight worthy of the scourge.

Last Friday Lady Jane Scarlett came up with International Be Ferris Bueller Day. (And frankly, there's still time.)

Saturday was International Banana in the Tailpipe Day, courtesy of Kapgar. If you don't know about bananas in the tailpipe, read his explanation. (Then hang your head in shame!)

Tracy Lynn finished the week off with International Styrofoam Day, but I must warn you: this is no pro-Styrofoam puff piece. It's a call for genocide. (In typical TL fashion.)

For May 4 Fitena brings us International Disconnect Day. (A fine idea, but please wait until you've read this post first, okay?)


Programming Note: my personal circumstances have changed such that, health permitting, I should be able to post every day from now on. This means I might actually return email in a timely manner, and more importantly, much more Hyperion!

Because of this, I'm going to try an experiment for at least the rest of this week. Only one post will show on the home page at a time. The previous days are up at the top left and easily accessible if you missed some time. The months are also collated for your reading pleasure.

I hope posting more often brings a smile to your face, and maybe you'll bring your friends with you!

(June Wilkonson)

June is hopefully going to bring many changes, both for me personally and for this site, but since Mondays are a bit slow I wanted to start slow.

Did you know that June is named for the goddess Juno, wife of Jupiter? That means she was Hera in Greek, and quite the bitch. Therefore, June is a month for bitches!

(Watch out!)

Have you thought of guessing celebrities by looking at their negatives? You should!

And that's it for me today. I hope to see you all back here more frequently. Posts up by 9:00 am each day (or better), or, you can have me send you a personal email each time I post. If you're interested, write me at hyperioninstitute@gmail.com and put "I want you I need you I've got to have you" in the subject line.


(Flaming June)

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