The Night sits softly in the early morning sky

In honor of my sister's birthday, today is International Hug a Sister Day.

Tomorrow is International Shun Deoderant Day, and

Sunday is International Just Do It Day.

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Programming Note: Several of the Litearary Hype stories are going to be submitted for publication, and thus might disappear from the ranks (until their rejection). Therefore, if you've been meaning to read some stories, now's the time.

If you haven't checked it out lately, Monkey Barn is just blowing up. Worth a looksey.

And for no reasons I can think of we end today with a poem. At least, I think it's a poem. I haven't actually tried poetry since Hyperion-X989, which is almost four years. (There's a reason I don't usually try it, which you'll soon see.)

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Anyway, see you Monday!


The Night sits softly in the early morning sky
Quietly, as if afraid to wake a lover
There is a sweet sadness to the scene as
Dusky Charcoal concedes the battle lost and
Slips ignominiously from the horizon, making way for
Cinereal Grey to feather out in tendrils of Hazy Smoke
With the possibility of Dazzling Azure to come.

It is the Eternal Dance, where Great Mistress Selene
Hunter, Stalker, Ravager of the Night
Gives way to Eos, Goddess of the Dawn
Eos will protect the Day
Keep it cloistered, keep it safe
Until Helios appears in the sky
Fresh and robust, ready for all to
Bask in his glorious rays and magnificence.

His reign will be but all too brief
As Selene comes with the gathering Dusk
Ready once more to challenge the Golden God for
Supremacy of the sky
Their clash will not be the quiet affair of Morn’ but a
Dazzling Display, a Cacophony of Color, a
Battle so Brilliant that a
Wise observer might be forgiven for
Thinking it all for show.

After all, they are family
After all, the same again will happen tomorrow.

(Were I you, I’d not tell them that
As siblings are notorious for turning from a
Family Feud upon the Outsider
When one such has the temerity to
Wonder if it is not all just a bit too
Much Ado about Nothing.)

For now, keep your mind’s eye not on the
Bloodbath of Twilight, but the
Gentle laying down of arms that comes with the Morn’
Day will take command
There will be no carnage
But, no hurry, either, and so
If we are very still, and pay attention
We can see
The Night sitting softly in the early morning sky.

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Dragon said...

Lovely, little one. You should write more poetry.