Today is International Don't Ask Day. (I'd tell you why, but....you know.)

Over on Monkey Barn you can help decide the new theme song.

I was going to review BLACK SNAKE MOAN today, but I'm pretty wiped out, so I wanted to do something easy. A few days ago I got an error message that read "UR-Key." I still don't know what that means, but it got me to thinking about words that rhyme with Urkey. I even made a Top Ten list about it.

To add a level of fun to the occasion, I am not labeling the answers. You should be able to figure out from the picture what each word is that rhymes with Urkey. (If you can't figure it out, the detailed list is over on Rank Everything.)

One other note: as you can imagine, there aren't that many words that rhyme with Urkey, so I had to fudge a bit. Some of the words were more "urk" words with an added "y." For example, if you saw this picture:

The answer would be "Burke-y."

Good Luck!











And the #1 word that rhymes with "Urkey" is.....


If you're brave you can leave your guesses in the comments - but DON'T CHEAT! (I'll know.) And if you just can't stand it, remember: you can get the answers over at Rank Everything.)


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Sea Hag said...

10. murky
9. no idea-urkey
8. quirky
7. Turkey
6. circ-y
5. Kirk-y
4. lurk-y
3. turkey
2. perky (or nipplurky)