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Today is International Cliché Day (so put that in your pipe and smoke it). You'll want to go share your favorite clichés in the comments over on Int. Day. I'll save a lollypop for the best one.

As you will recall, once a week USA Today ranks the Top 25 somethings of the last 25 years. A few weeks ago I felt the need to take their Top 25 Sports Moments to task, and especially admonished the articles author, Miss Rachel Shuster. (I was later forced to apologize to the same Miss Shuster when she pointed out that she merely summarized each entry instead of deciding them.)

Well, it seems our Miss Rachel Shuster has learned the error of her ways. Some might call it coincidence. Some might point out the above paragraph, how she has nothing to do with actually making the picks. I? I like to think it's a little something called "Miss Rachel Shuster Googles herself and journeys to the Hyperion Institute to read a fabulous article." That's right. I'm taking sole credit for the relative goodness of this week's USA Today list. And while I have some minor quibbles with the rankings (OJ, Kobe and Len Bias should be higher), I really am overall mightily impressed. And since I always give credit where credit is due, we salute Miss Rachel Shuster for learning from her time at the Institute!

(Seriously: it's a pretty good list, with some, um, great summaries. Do check out her choices.)

The gods (and my back) willing, I will be traveling up Tuesday night to see the 5th Harry Potter movie, and then back here to hopefully write a review. Since tomorrow is reserved for a special report, I thought it might be good to read past Harry Potter movie reviews. (There have been three.)

Here is my review of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (very short)

Here is my review of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (one of my best reviews ever)

Here is my review of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (split up for HP readers and non-readers, in a patent-pending move)

Upon repeated viewings I now think that movie is probably the best. Certainly not the most faithful adaptation, but the best movie.

And if you're just absolutely jonesing for Harry Potter:

Here is a list of Top Ten Significant Moments in the Harry Potter Series (through Book 4, and I will definitely try to get an updated list done before Book 7 comes out)

And best of all….

Here is a satire of how EVIL some people consider Harry Potter to be

I was going to end with my "Are you a god?" quiz, but since we're on such a roll, I think I will save that for later and instead end with this great snippet from an interview Daniel Radcliffe (who plays Harry) gave Aint it Cool News.

The interviwer was Quint. (You can read the full transcript here.)

Quint: I only have one more question, but it's something I've asked nearly everybody I've interviewed. What's your favorite dirty joke?

Daniel Radcliffe: My favorite dirty joke? Um...

Quint: I know you must have one. I've seen EXTRAS, so...

Daniel Radcliffe: (laughs) Um... okay. I think I'm okay to tell this... Vanessa of publicity is looking vaguely worried across from me, I must say.

A guy goes into his doctor and he says, "Doctor, doctor! I think I'm going deaf."

The doctor says, "Well, please... I think you should stop masturbating."

The guys says, "Why? Would that help?"

He says, "No, but it's affecting the other patients."

I'd say that was one of my favorites. I heard it the other day and I thought it was rather good! (laughs)

Oh Harry!

[Okay, if you really must have just one more tidbit, check out #5 in this list (and please ignore #6, as the recent passing of Ruth Graham makes it kind of mean). You should get quite the laugh.]

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Biff Spiffy said...

I saw a movie last night, and must urge you to go... only to read your review. Live Free Or Die Hard was the worst $8 I've spent in years. It looks like they shot the editor halfway through, and the plausibility evaporated shortly before that.

I'll probably see HP, but it won't be in the cuppa weeks. Don't care for movie crowds so much.

Hey, your last link to '#5' is busted.