Haunted Monkey Barn

A thousand greetings to the Hyperion Nation. I am glad you have chosen to make this a part of your day.

Speaking of Today, did you know it is International Apathy Day? I'd tell you more, but that would defeat the purpose, ne?


Today the Hyperion Institute is very proud to present a brand new Monkey Barn Project. Shamelessly attempting to piggy-back on the bestest project Monkey Barn ever had (the first campfire story), we present a brand new Campfire story!

And as long as we're shameslessly piggybacking....this campfire story takes place in the world of Harry Potter!'

Yes, friends, if you were worried that this Saturday's release of the 7th and final Harry Potter book was all you had to look forward to, cheer up! We at Monkey Barn got your back. (Or your front, as you'll soon see.)

Each day a different Monkey will present their chapter in the ongoing story, in what should be the greatest Literature achievement since Fyodor Dustoevsky got together with Jane Austin to create a comic book. (In case you were wondering, they called it "Pride and Punishment.")

Either that or the story will get really bad really quickly. This is because I only gave the Barn three restrictions:

  1. No killing the main characters until the end
  2. No cheesy "it was all a dream" sequences.
  3. I can't actually type the third rule, but if you really must know, this quote from Cruel Intentions 2 gets the idea across

And that's it!

I heroically volunteered for the first chapter, so head on over and witness

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