Welcome, all. It is International Keyser Soze Day. (Is there a cooler character to come to movies in the last dozen years? I think not. You better go leave a comment as a sign of respect, or Keyser Soze might find out about it....)

It's been two days since I finished Book 7 (HPATDH), and I'm just itching to talk it over with somoene, but no one I know has read it! If you have finished off the last Harry Potter email me, okay, and we will do some sharing!

Okay, not one but TWO Simpsons' Top Ten lists for you today, because I like you JUST that much. (and if you like the lists, you can find more on Rank Everything.)



#10 Kwyjibo – Bart uses this in Scrabble, and tells Homer it’s, “A big dumb balding North American Ape….with no chin.” Then he runs for it.

#9 Führerific – What Bart calls Hitler’s car. I include this mostly because I want you to use it in a sentence this week. “Hey, boss: that meeting was Führerific!” Keep a straight face and I bet you can get away with it.

#8 Diddley – I wonder what my 15 year old neighbor would say if I greeted her with “Hi-diddly-ho; neighborino!”

#7 Gamblor – That mythical creature with neon claws that enslaves people (especially Marge) and makes them gamble.

#6 Dorkus Malorkus – from the Latin, according to Bart. I am definitely going to call someone that this week. Maybe more than one person.

#5 Unpossible – in the words of Ralph Wiggum: “Me fail English? That’s unpossible!”

#4 Jebus – If anyone can every find me a “Save me Jebus!” tee-shirt, I will bear your children. (By the way, the clip above is where it all comes from.)

#3 Sacrilicious – This applies to any of the words Homer uses. This one here was when he ate a waffle off the ceiling he thought was actually God. One of my favorites was when Homer ate flavored fertility drugs and said, “Mmmm…..ovulicious.” I thought Homer should salivate over a Halls cough drop and say “Mmmm….mentholicious.” but I can’t get anyone to back me up.

#2 Yoink! – I love onomatapoeiaing words!

And the number one made up Simpson word…

#1 Edumacation/Tramapoline/Saxamaphone – I say we change the regular words and make Homer’s words the real ones. Who’s with me?



#10 Sherri does not "got back"

#9 I do not have diplomatic immunity

#9 I will not carve gods

#8 I will not yell "She's Dead" during roll call

#7 There are plenty of businesses like show business

#6 Indian burns are not our cultural heritage

#5 I am not my long-lost twin

#4 I won't not use no double negatives

#3 I will not obey the voices in my head

#2 And the number one Chalkboard gag is….

#1 The Pledge of Allegiance does not end with Hail Satan

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