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Today is International Blogocile Day. Saturday brings us International Um, Ya Know Day, while Sunday finishes off the week with International Michael Corleone Day (so watch your back).

You really ought to get over to Monkey Barn and take a look at the different T-Shirts of the Day. Good times.

Not too much today, because most of you missed days this week for holidays and I want you to be able to catch up, (which you can do by clicking on any of the fine links at the top left of your screen.)

However, due to an overwhelming outcry (which means there was some whelming going on and then above and beyond even that!), I have decided to reprint last Saturday Night's scandalous Half Year's Eve story. I'll tell you right now it's about a cynical Turkish-American looking for a reason not to kill himself while at a party. (Sexy results may follow.)
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If you're so inclined to end your week with a bang you can find the story over at Hyperion After Dark. Take a journey to hear what.....

See you next week, for posts on Barry Bonds, competitive eating, a quiz for god-like stature, and a little movie that's coming out, I think about the Phoenix Suns (or something like that). Aitchy Audi

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Biff Spiffy said...

Merry weekend to ye.