Hyperion Nation No More

Today is International End Gay Baby Seals Discrimination Day (and no, I am NOT making that up), brought to us by our good friend Sparky Duck.

[And if you're really really brave you can check out this Hyperion-X from three years ago, but beware: the title was T&A Q&A]

It is with some reluctance that I have decided to replace the name "Hyperion Nation." When I came up with it many years ago I felt it conveyed the nationalist spirit I hoped to engender among my readers as we built something grand. (At the time the biggest complaint was that it made me sound too much like an Indian Chief.)

However, since then things have changed. That one-trick pony (and not that clever a trick at that) Stephen Colbert came on my site and stole my idea. Now I have (of all the gall), people accusing me of taking the name from him! Well, I won't stand for it. We need a new name for you, my most beloved of people.

And there is no better place to find that name than among you, so I open up the floor. What should you be called? Surely you have an idea, and if your idea is chosen everlasting glory will be yours.

To help you think on it, I typed in "Hyperion Nation" into Google Images. These 10 pictures were among what came out. (And if you don't believe me, do a Google Image Search and see for yourself.) Nothing indicates the need to come up with a new name more than what people right now are already considering the Hyperion Nation. I'm counting on you Nat...I mean, beloved readers. Don't let me down.


Anonymous said...

How about "The Institutionalized" ?

Dragon said...

I like Koz's suggestion!

Biff Spiffy said...

The sobbing dragon could be your new logo... I can see it on a rainbow flag now, waving in the gayest of swishy breezes.

Not that anything's wrong with that... and I'm not calling you gay (to your face).

Institutionalized seems right, what with the HypInstitute and all.

Oh, how about the Hyperion Center For Advanced Conservative Studies? Is that one taken?

Anonymous said...

I'm easy (not like THAT, Hyp...). Call us whatever you want.

I for one think that the series of images sums up who, and what, we are. No?

Anonymous said...

Hyperion wnated me to relay the actual name of the institute is - The Hyperion Institute for Advanced Callimastian/Callipygian/Kickassian Studies

From Hyperion - I know you're easy but we've got to come up with a name. Ba-um Ching

Anonymous said...

Hyperiacrats??? Blasphemy

Anonymous said...

Ok, then absotively, posilutely NOT Hyperiacrats. Anyone else notice how "hyperiacrats" sounds awfully close to "hypocrites"?


Dragon said...

"The sobbing dragon could be your new logo... I can see it on a rainbow flag"

Are you call me a weepy lesbian, Biff?

Anonymous said...

Just brainstorming here...

League (of Extraordinary Hyperionists!)
Minions of Hype

These could have religious connotations, although I'm not sure I want to be akin to a sheep:


Maybe something relating to crops growing:


Or something army related:

Hyperion's Army