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Salut, mes amis! What a week. What a last 28 hours. I thought I'd never make it home, and at one point actually thought you might have heard the last of me. However, I made it, and with so many things having happened I will need to do two weekend posts just to tell you all about last night.

But before I forget, Xerxes gets us back on track after yesterday's "salute to losers" with International Make Your T-Shirt Day. (You have to go just for the picture he chose, let alone the instructions.) Xerxes actually is part of a site that gets more visitors per week than any of us, but for some reason he wants to keep a low profile and not advertise (something about "for the love of the holiday"), so he remains shrouded in mystery. Great day, though. (You will notice I am not following my practice to reveal the weekend celebrations on Friday, because of my aforementioned intention to post both weekend days, but if you just can't wait you can start partying early, as the days are up now.)

I saw 12 trailers yesterday before the two movies, and I wanted to review them a few at a time over on Monkey Barn. When I review a trailer, I'm looking to see if not only the movie looks good, but whether the trailer is efficacious in attracting their target audience. Today I reviewed:

  • ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (a coming-of-age '60s extravaganza)
  • ENCHANTED – (Disney made real; hilarity ensues)
  • RUSH HOUR 3 – (Maybe at some point they'll start working from home)
  • AUGUST RUSH – (AKA Pledge Week on Frat Row)

Also, for the life of me, I cannot figure out if this song I heard is any good.


I had to take my parents to the airport yesterday, and while I was up there I met my brother Achmed and Koz to play Trivia. I also managed to watch two movies in the theatre for free! (I had a lot of time to kill.) Trivia was more awesome than Incestuous Twins (hey; that would make a GREAT band name), with Koz completely on his game.

For example, at the end the server was asking our names. I introduced my brother as my brother, and Koz as "my ugliest friend Koz." The girl seemed startled but I pointed out, "it's okay for me to say that, since he's my only friend" (which isn't true—as I have two friends—but worked for the joke) when Koz deadpans without missing a beat, "You can see why."

This reminded me of the time we were playing trivia and for some reason Koz was deeply intent on the menu when the server came up. I told her that Koz was deaf and couldn't hear us, so I would be ordering for him, and she shouldn't try to talk to him. Without any set-up beforehand Koz looks up with perfect timing and starts screeching like a dolphin in heat. You had to be there. That's one of his greatest assets: his timing. (The other two are how hard it is to offend him and how he doesn't mind that there's an 80% chance his upcoming kid will technically make me a part of the family.)

We played trivia at Brandi's in Stockbridge, GA. If you live anywhere around the south side of Atlanta, it's worth checking out. We finally met Brandi at the end of the night, and I was shocked to see she was a little girl! Brandi was 21 going on 12, and 4'11" if she was lucky. I can't imagine owning a restaurant at 21. (Actually, that'd be pretty sweet.)

Anyway, my journey home knocked most of the sap out of me and I need to get to sleep soon, so I'm going to post the Trivia questions today, and then tomorrow I'll have the answers, how we did, and what our team name was. (I would tell you now, but I want to make a comic strip out of it and I'm too tired to do it this morning.

You can play with your friends if you'd like. You can leave your answers in the comments too: just DON'T CHEAT!

Movie Bonus

If you can guess this movie, you get 5 points.

1 (10 Points) Besides hosting Mr. Roger's neighborhood, what profession did Fred Rogers do?

2 (9 points) What classic rock band's 4th Album had no title, instead featuring four symbols?

3 (8) What city is home to the NFL's Hall of Fame?

4 (7) Which member of the Tannen family with Marty and Doc square off with in 1885?

5 (6) What country makes up the western portion of Hispaniola?

6 (6) What actor was cast as wayward nephew C.J. after John Ritter's death on 8 Simple Rules?

7 (7) What 19th Century declaration is considered the defining moment of US Foreign Policy?

8 (8) Who is known as "Coochie Coochie"?

9 (9) What state has the longest serving Republican Senator?

10 (10) What movie stars Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver and Tony Shaloub?

11 (10) What is the biggest county in America?

12 (9) What 1977 College World Series MVP went straight to the Atlanta Braves?

13 (8) What prehistoric comic book character lived in the land of Moo?

14 (7) What is the capitol of Argentina?

15 (6) What movie is this quote from? "I've seen THE EXORCIST about 167 times and it keeps getting funnier every time I see it!"

16 (6) What toy manufacturer recently recalled many of their products because of fears of lead contamination?

17 (7) What 1991 Garth Brooks album went quadruple platinum?

18 (8) What was the "show within a show" on The Dick Van Dyke Show?

19 (9) What track is known as "The Brickyard"?

20 (10) What term describes, "cold-blooded vertebrates covered by scales or horny plates and breathes with their lungs"?

Answers tomorrow: Have fun!

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