What Hyperion Got (part 1)

It is International Murder Fantasy Football Owners Day. I wish you godspeed on that.

Also, not to toot my own horn, but I posted some actual newspaper headlines over on MonkeyBarn, along with my witty comments. Worth a look.

Today's post is super light and breezy: because no one should work on a Saturday!


With all my recent posts on what to get me for Hyperion Day, I did want to take some time to acknowledge what I actually got! Kaida sent me a gift box that makes whatever your girlfriend gave you look sick in comparison. That's right: wallow in jealousy!

In fact, she gave me so much stuff that I had to break it into two days. Today I'm just looking at the food:

I've never had one of these things before, so I am way excited. The golden ones are hazelnut, the white ones are meringue, and the ones in the middle are I think Cherry. My mother tried to open the package at least 4 times in ten minutes, so I'm guessing they are good.

For the life of me, I cannot find pictures of turnover cookies (these are linzers or something), but these look kind of close. I got two packages of Voortman cookies: Raspberry and Blueberry Turnovers. They are incredible.

Where would be be without Skittles? I got two (count 'em two) bags, on Fruit & Creme and one Berry Explosion. I would show them to you, but Skittles has the most annoying website in the world. Seriously. Go there and see. It's like they spent 5 years designing the most clever thing in the world that you can't use.

I've never even heard of South African Red before, let alone had it, so I'm very excited. (By the way, my brand is Lipton, which comes with a pyramid tea bag. How cool is that?)

I couldn't find it to show you, but my box had 30 bars! Along with the Sweet & Salty line (the peanut and the almond ones), Nature Valley is totally in the hizzy these days. I'd almost rather have one of these than a candy bar.

Oh my dear Gord were these good! They are hella-spicy, but I was so afraid my mom would eat them anyway that I finished the package in one sitting. Somehow they are a combination of potato and rice. Anyone have any info here?

A casualty of showing my family, but I don't begrudge them. These are so good and so addictive.

I don't see how people can just eat one of these at a time.

If there's a better food, I haven't found it. Jack Links is probably the best "national" brand, too. They have so many new flavors and styles. I cannot wait to try them all.

Dude, trail mix rocks! Almonds and Cashews together, and it's not all peanuts and raisins like most trail mix. And the M&Ms? Genius. I wonder how long four pounds will last me?

You put a gun to my head, and this might be the single best food in the world. I could eat a two pound bag a day, and I'm not even kidding. Sadly, I didn't get that chance, as my family devoured most of my bag. Somehow the sugar isn't grainy and it stays moist and sticky. Kind of how I like my women.....

Join me tomorrow for all the non-food gifts. Get ready to say Awwwwwwwwww!


Anonymous said...

I would like to just point out that your use of the word "family" is misleading. I don't remember eating more than 3 sacred mango slices (all with permission)!!!

OneBumKnee said...

Kaida has top-notch taste, Hyperion. Enjoy your holiday. Dawn

Tracy Lynn said...

You are lucky to have Kaida. And unworthy, I might add. If I were mean. Hey, look at that! I'm mean!

Sea Hag said...

Oh God, those Szechuan BBQ chips are so good. I think they're just made out of rice flour, though, not potatoes. The thing about those is that the flavor stays with you for about 24 hours no matter how many times you brush your teeth. But they're totally worth it.

Hyperion said...

Jerrica - "Sacred Mango Slices" would make a great fantasy football team, or a band

Dawn - Thanks!

Tracy - I find you more median, but either way you're about average.

Sea Hag - They are rice based potato chips. I have no idea what that means, but rice flour is the number one ingredient, followed by dehydrated potatoes. Go figure.