Shall we open the big present first?

The Hyperion Institute for Advanced Callimastian/Callipygian/Kickassian Studies has officially moved into new digs. What? They look like the same digs we used to have? Well, who asked you!

It is true: for the time being, we are still running on the software of the good people at Blogger (and their parent company, the Globex Corporation). However, we have dropped the BlogSpot! That’s right. Now we are just http://hyperioninstitute.com Tell your friends. Tell your neighbors. Tell your coworker that you have been fooling around with off and on for about three years (since the Christmas party in ’04) whom you thought no one knew about. (Dude, everyone knows.)

There are about a million reasons to have done this, some of which will become clearer in the coming weeks, one of which will become clearer in the next paragraph, but the bottom line is it was time. There will be a party later on this week; make sure you R.S.V.P. your invitation so I know how much Graitch to make.


One thing that has bugged me from day one is when people refer to this site as a “blog.” I have nothing against bloggers—there are a few I have even come to think of as people I would not necessarily die in horrible agony—but if you come here enough you know; this site works far differently. Yet, this very thing I am doing now (ironically; I know, I know), i.e., communicating to you directly, is a very blogish thing to do.

This is why for the past week you may have noticed that all the International Holidays and other daily new stuff has been presented straightforwardly with just links, no chitchat. It is my goal to treat this site more professionally, in the manner of which I see it one day becoming, and this means that, except for special occasions, I will not be chattering away on the home page. After the opening quote or picture or whatever I have I will clearly link the day’s holiday and any new stuff I have written. (If there is something from the vault that pertains to the day, I will make that clear too, for some of you who have moral objections to reading a top ten list from two years ago that you either never saw in the first place or certainly do not remember, he said, not at all bitterly.)

The one exception is Monkey Barn, which has new stuff virtually every day, and much of it not by me, as there is a group of insane monkeys running around the joint. You should probably visit the Barn daily, but do so at your own peril.

However, I have found that I like communicating directly my thoughts and feelings on a particular subject, and so, for the third time I am trying to establish an actual blog. After today, all my personal stuff will go in Hyperion’s Journal, which I have very cleverly called “Institutionalized.” (Get it?) I will update that site as often as the voices in my head agree they have something to say. (I worked very hard on a new template, so you must go if only to see that.)


I did not tell anyone, but I posted yesterday, memories of Labor Day family vacations and a beautiful poem by Robert Bly that I think can help you in a time of stress. If you did not happen by, check out Things to Think.

Speaking of not telling you, September began already without one word from me on holidays. There have been some good ones. Check out the last few days, as well as the rest of the week, and when you are over there, make sure you visit the sites of each author, some of whom are new to you.

September 1 – International Rabbit Ears Day (Hyperion)

September 2 – International “Whoa!” Day (Hyperion, featuring scantily clad pictures of Salma Hayek and Keanu Reeves)

September 3 – International Lick Your Elbow Day (‘Chelle)

September 4 (today, in case you are a bit slow) – International Fight the Power Day (Lost Goddess)

September 5 – International “Gimme Five” Day (Lady Jane Scarlett)

September 6 – International Nose Pickers Day (Rick Leonard)

September 7 – International “Whatever” Day (Rennratt)

September 8 – International “Why Wait” Day (Wordnerd)

September 9 – International Colonel Sanders’s Birthday Day (Koz)


Once Again (can’t he do anything for himself?) Hyperion Needs your Help!

Football starts this Thursday night, which means Hyperion needs a name for his Fantasy Football Team! I asked for suggestions and they have been pouring in. (Some of these names are also double ideas for what I might call my readers, now that I have abandoned the name “Hyperion Nation.”) Below I have the potential list. Help me narrow it down to just a few and tomorrow I will put up a poll and allow you to vote. Hopefully this allows you to vicariously live through my fantasy team, which is galvanic since fantasy football is basically vicariously living through others in the first place.

Suggested names:

Balco of Shadows
Bear’s Bastards
The Institutionalized
Sacred Mango
That’s So Marmalade!
Pyrrhic Victors
My Girlfriend can’t wrestle, but you should see her box
Love in the Time of Cauliflower
Golden Darth Vader
Magic Pygmy Rabbits
River Midget Love Train
Tracy Lynn’s Bodacious Rack
The Hypernauts
Son of Tracy Lynn’s Bodacious Rack
….Because That’s how I Cupcake
Lee Harvey Oswald killed JFK!
Beast Daddy and the Funk Town Five
Dictator Tots
Icelandic Jedi Dwarves

If you have any other name that should be considered, now is the time to bring it up.


September 4, 2007


Anonymous said...

Icelandic Jedi Dwarves

Dragon said...

"….Because That’s how I Cupcake" is my choice

Bohemian in Korea said...

Eos aka the Titans seems apropos.