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Originally, I had planned to write a column on alternative words for "Cool" today, my last day posting in September. But then got sidetracked writing a critique of the Bush Administration, and then I got sidetracked again when Kaida said she wanted me to list 100 great things about her. (I am up to 50 as of 3:38 this morning.) By the time I got back to the Cool words, I didn't feel very cool anymore, and I realized my heart wasn't in it. I have a lot of other stuff I want to be working on, so I think I'll go do that. There is plenty above to read, and if that's not enough, there are millions of words in our various archives. Check some of them out.

Starting next week the Hyperion Institute will have Guest Posts, some from other writers on the web, some from friends of mine. It should be a nice change of pace and give you different voices than mine. I will not be here to keep an eye on you, but I expect nice comments, polite behavior, and cleaning up after yourselves.

And I'll see you in October.

September 14, 2007
3:41 AM


Dragon said...

I'll miss you.

Anonymous said...

As will I...see you in October.