Barn to be Wild

Monkey Barn hath returneth from Oblivion!

Back and better than ever (fingers crossed), that zany catch-all site is back up and running and ready for you to enjoy.

I started it all off with with a
Cryptic Message (here's hoping you're smart enough to figure it out)

I also had a new feature called the Daily Lynx, with three sites worth checking out, either for hilarity, knowledge, or pudding.

And another new feature, the P.O.D., or
Picture of the Day! (hint: it involves a famous bald man back when he had hair, and really shouldn't've.)

Sea Hag, not wanting to be outdone by me (and determined to beat the other monkeys back into the Barn, in order to claim her favorite hay bale), posted a diatribe on
People in Commercials Who Should be Flown into the Sun.

I capped off the day by asking the Monkey Barn audience to settle a debate that has been raging on my Fantasy Football League Message Board. I'm talking about River Tam vs. Hermione Granger

And if that wasn't enough Monkey Barn for you, if you still need more, I harken you back to last year. Stuck up at the outlaw camp, the Monkeys gathered and put together two Halloween stories worth of your attention. I have them stored over on Literary Hype. I direct your attention to:

The Celery Stalks at Midnight


Nighty Nightmare

You're off to the races now, baby!

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Sparky Duck said...

speaking of races, you reminded me I have to waste my money on the Breeders Cup this weekend