The Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills

"The rose petal floats on water. The kingfisher flashes above the pond. Life and beauty swirl in the midst of death."
~al'Lan Mandragoran

I had major plans for today, both a stirring International Festival and a tribute/recruiting session on what would have been his 59th birthday. But I find myself lacking any words of any wisdom or depth, compassion or grace. I just don't know what to say and I don't know how to say it.

Should something come to me later in the day I will come back and write this up properly. But for now I figured I'd at least put the covers up from the first 11 books.

I'm sorry. I thought a month would be enough time, but it's just still too fresh. -Hyperion

"Death is lighter than a feather, but duty is heavier than a mountain."
~al'Lan Mandragoran

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We hardly knew ye