Eagles, Tigers and the Hard Sell

A few Holiday things I needed to let you know


I have been slacking in the Advent department, mostly because I suck at it. Finally, I got smart and asked my dad if I could use his. He said yes, and we have two more Advents! (I will try to do the 12th and final one for Monday.)

Advent - Day 10 (Do Your Duty)

Advent - Day 11 (Sights and Sounds of the Season)

New Home-Page Posts

Three Christmas posts today. You can see them (plus the other Christmas ones) over on the top right. The three today are:

Evergreen Village (story about a unique town that only exists at Christmastime

Child with No Name (provocative Christmas story to make you think)

Santa Claus is coming to Town
(Looking into the conspiracy of Saint Nick)

I'm still hoping to get the best Secular Christmas songs list up, and this year's Christmas column. Plus, Christmas wishes for all my friends. Look for that Saturday-Monday.


My Fantasy Football Season comes hurtling towards the ignominious end - How the Winter Storm of Last Weekend hurt me more than all the people who lost heat and electricity.

Hyperion welcomes a new member into his family. You have to click the link to find out who, but if you're thinking it's not a giant tiger, you may be disappointed.

Monkey Barn

Online Shopping with Free Shipping (will get to you by Christmas) - Zappos, the greatest place to shop

Other shopping places that will get to you by Christmas

Great Videos: Detroit Pistons sing Jingle Bells; Drunk Guy on a Mower

Eagle vs. Fox (Who ya got?)

Mariska Hargitay's Mom and a lady gropes Santa (Daily Lynx)

NFL Passer Ratings

Hyperion's Gift to his Monkey Barn Readers


Hyperion Gets Serious

On the Monkey Barn posts dealing with shopping, I made the pitch for things you the readers could buy me. (I know: not bloody likely.) In all seriousness, though, and not to be crass, but I want you to take a few moments and think about what it actually is you get on this site. With all due respect to my blogger brethren and sisteren, The Hyperion Institute is not a blog. One of my subsidiary sites is a blog, but the Institute as a whole is much much more.

I challenge anyone to find any place with more quality original content than the Institute. You can't do it. I get so used to posting that sometimes I don't realize what I'm actually producing here. I suppose it may sound like bragging, but seriously: you can't get that anywhere else!

Even the things that look effortless take a huge amount of time. Take for example the list of Religious Christmas Carols. From start to finish that post took almost 5 hours, and it wasn't even hard like an essay or story!

I'll get to my point: It's close to a full time job keeping the Institute running with quality columns, stories, rankings, movie reviews, song analysis, international holidays and the myriad other things we do. In effect this is my job.

I've never made the Institute a subscriber-site, though I think the quality warrants it. But I have to figure out some way to make some money from this. I know I joke about this a lot, but just being completely honest here: this isn't a hobby for me, not to do right. And the same way you probably wouldn't go spend 40 hours a week at your job unless they paid you, I simply have to figure out a way to make the site financially viable, or else I'm going to have to go in another direction. I can't see ever quitting, but I just would not be able to crank out the volume that I have been.

That's where you come in. In January we (I hope I hope) will have a store up, with cool merchandise you will just love. And of course word-0f-mouth always helps. Don't just enjoy the site, tell every single person you know!

However, there is one more way to help. Over on the right is my Paypal Link. It takes you to a screen where you can make a donation to the Hyperion Institute. It's not tax deductible, but it will increase your sexy, and really, who doesn't want to increase their sexy?

The way it's set up you can put any amount in the unit price. It takes all major credit cards, and is perfectly safe. I know this has been a hard sell, and Christmas is already a costly time of the year, but I think you really have to ask yourself, "With the possible exception of feeding a giant tiger, is there any better way to spend my money than by giving it to Hyperion?"

And here's the thing: most of the money I receive WILL go to feeding a giant tiger! You can't lose!

I'm off the soapbox. New stuff all weekend, so come back if you need a break from family strife. Make sure you check out the Advents and the Christmas columns, and I'll see you again soon!


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